Football Infrastructure


Foundation Pillar 2 – Building better facilities, one pass at a time.

The Football Infrastructure pillar has an immediate focus on Sky Park and creating a precinct that serves our community, acts as a launch pad for our Foundation’s community pillar programs to develop and thrive, and allow both the current and next generation of Sky Blue footballers, Matildas and Socceroos to prosper.

Once Sky Park is complete, the Football Infrastructure pillar will turn to creating a difference in community clubs throughout our homeland – aspiring to provide grants to the grassroot community football community to make improvements to their grounds, lighting infrastructure and club houses so they are safer, female friendly and fit for purpose.

All donations, no matter the size, help support the Foundation’s work and are graciously accepted. To make a donation click the button below, you will be directed to our Australian Sports Foundation page where all of our donations are processed. Thank you for your support.