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Aug 15, 2012   |  11:15PM AET

#SydneyFanChat Transcript with Kruno Lovrek

#SydneyFanChat Transcript with Kruno Lovrek

New Sydney FC striker Kruno Lovrek was very relaxed during the chat and did not let the language barrier get to him – he was determined to answer all questions.

New Sydney FC striker Kruno Lovrek was very relaxed during the chat and did not let the language barrier get to him – he was determined to answer all questions.

At the conclusion of the 60 minutes Kruno answered 39 questions and was the number 1 trending topic in Australia, which was a great effort from international who responded honestly to all Member and Fan questions.

This was the fifth instalment of the live Twitter chat and will continue to be a fortnightly engagement for Sydney FC Members and Fans to interact with Sky Blue players, coaches and staff. The next live #SydneyFanChat will be on the Wednesday 29 August at midday.

Here is a transcript of the 39 questions, with Kruno Lovrek-s answers.

Andrew French: How is Life in Sydney Kruno? Enjoying the lifestyle and city?
#SydneyFanChat I am enjoying Sydney – it is a beautiful city. I really like Sydney Harbour.

Andrew French: Which team mate is most impressive so far Kruno??
#SydneyFanChat Nick Carle is the most impressive. He is a good person and a very good player – I enjoy playing with him

Tom Moxey: Are you looking forward to play against your old friend Dino Kresinger?
#SydneyFanChat He is a good player and looking forward to playing him and Poljak!

Anthony: Hi Kruno, what do you think you will bring to the team that will make you a valuable player?
#SydneyFanChat I bring good passing, experience in the game and I think I can help develop the young players

Dr.Phil: Kruno! Do you believe you will be our saviour in the Melbourne Derby? FTT!!
#SydneyFanChat I will always give 100% in every game I play. I know it is important for fans to beat Victory so I will do my best

Dr.Phil: How prepared does the team look so far?
#SydneyFanChat the team look’s prepared for the season ahead. A lot of new players and we are working well together

S.A.L.A.H ‘ ? ‘: How hard was it to join Sydney FC?
#SydneyFanChat Not too difficult. My friend knew Gary Cole and he talked to Crooky and I joined the team

liam ruz: How many goals are you looking to put away this season Kruno?
#SydneyFanChat I will always give 100% and I hope to score 10 goals.

Dr.Phil: Hey Kruno, which matches are you looking forward to the most this season?
#SydneyFanChat Every game is the same for me. The special game for fans is Melbourne Victory and Western Sydney.

liam ruz: Got any nicknames that you want the cove to call you this year?
#SydneyFanChat No I don’t have a nickname. The cove can choose a nickname for me!

Julien Malidin: How did you find your first game last night?
#SydneyFanChat I play so so – because I am new in the team and my body is not ready yet. But the good thing is we won.

Brendan Small: How will you celebrate when you score your first goal Mr. Lovrek
#SydneyFanChat First I must score, and then I will celebrate

Brave robot: What’s your nickname if none can I make one up for you
#SydneyFanChat I don’t have a nickname so you can make one up for me.

SkyBlueFC: How did you feel to get your first Sydney game under the belt?
#SydneyFanChat Everything is good I am not so happy with my game, I still need time to develop & will continue to train hard

Zee: How do you rate our chances at winning the premiership this season?
#SydneyFanChat We have a chance, a new and very good team. We must start the season good – to have a better chance.

Brave robot: Which player do you fear playing the most? And which young Sydney fc player do you think will make a big impact this year?
#SydneyFanChat I know Brisbane & Victory are good teams. I have no fear of any players. Terry Antonis will make a big impact

Chaim Lieder: Who are you most looking forward to playing with this season?
#SydneyFanChat I am looking forward to playing all teams.

Corey Barrera: Are you looking forward to playing in the Hyundai A-league? Do you have any goals that you want to achieve?
#SydneyFanChat I am looking forward to playing in the league. My main goal is to win the Championship and play my best.

Jordan Lo Russo: Had you heard about the A-League before moving to Sydney? If so, what do you make of it?
#SydneyFanChat Yes I played against Adelaide in 2010 Champions League & when I played in Korea every Sun on TV they played A-League highlights

Anthony Vescio: Hi Kruno! From what you have seen in training, how does it compare to training (or pre-season training at least) back home
#SydneyFanChat Training here and Korea is very similar – strong, hard & difficult. China training is very easy compared to here

Jordan Lo Russo: What’s your best attribute Kruno?
#SydneyFanChat I am very determined

Anthony Smith: Kruno, how did you think you played last night?
#SydneyFanChat Not bad but I can play much better – I need time – each game we play I will get better & become stronger.

Tom Moxey: What’s some playing traits you have?
#SydneyFanChat I have good pass, good shot and good overall technique

Dane Anthony: What are you looking forward to most about playing for Sydney?
#SydneyFanChat We have a very fast team good mix of experience and youth. We have a great coaching staff – a great connection like a family.

Ambrose Rockefeller: Kruno, do you see yourself as more of a goal scorer or a provider? And have you ever played with anyone as fast as Mallia?
#SydneyFanChat More a goal scorer but I like to assist too. Mitch is a quick player and a great mover.

Coach Harrison: What style of play are we expecting from the team this year
#SydneyFanChat We have a good mixture of youth and experience – we are a hard working team. A passing game mixed with speed

Dane Anthony: Hey Kruno! What’s your favourite food?
#SydneyFanChat My favourite food is fish and pasta but not together 🙂

Dane Anthony: What’s your favourite place you’ve been while in Sydney?
#SydneyFanChat The Sydney Harbour is my favourite place in Sydney.

Dane Anthony: Do you have a long term plan to achieve at Sydney beyond this season?
#SydneyFanChat I hope to stay in Sydney for a long time. I need to perform this season so I can stay.

Bec Giddy: Who is the most impressive player you’ve ever played with or against?
#SydneyFanChat Ronaldinho I played against him in the World Cup.

Dorian: The fans demand results – with a newly constructed team, what do you feel is a realistic expectation for the club this season
#SydneyFanChat We are training very hard as a team. I think if we start the season well, we will have a very good season.

Shane ©: Your opinion of Sydney and Australia?
#SydneyFanChat I think Sydney is very beautiful. I was here 2010 and was surprised at how nice Sydney was and the people are nice.

Suzana Doe-Nim: Which opposition player/s are you most looking forward to playing?
#SydneyFanChat I look forward to playing Poljak & Deano

Brendan Small: What do you think your rating in FIFA 13 will be?
#SydneyFanChat I don’t know.

Levi Ulman: Why did you choose to sign with Sydney fc and not any other club?
#SydneyFanChat I had an offer from Korea. But I think Sydney is a beautiful city and I wanted to live and play here.

Jordan Lefebvre: Have you seen the The Dark Knight Rises?
#SydneyFanChat No I haven’t seen it, I am not interested.

Corey Barrera: Have you made any good friends with any Teammates
#SydneyFanChat Yes I made many good friends. Especially with Dan, Pascal, Fabio & Terry

RedBloodedPea: Have you been watching any other Australian sport
#SydneyFanChat Rugby League – I go for the Roosters. Every channel plays rugby.

Levi Ulman: Do you have twitter? If not do you plan on making one
#SydneyFanChat Yes I have Twitter my account name is@kruno19