#SydneyFanChat Transcript with Joel Chianese


Striker Joel Chianese hosted the live #SydneyFanChat today and was a clear fan favourite among the female Sky Blue fans. During the hour we learnt how to pronounce Chianese, Joel will not be taking up modelling anytime soon after his appearance in CLEO magazine and his favourite food is pasta!

Striker Joel Chianese hosted the live #SydneyFanChat today and was a clear fan favourite among the female Sky Blue fans. During the hour we learnt how to pronounce Chianese, Joel will not be taking up modelling anytime soon after his appearance in CLEO magazine and his favourite food is pasta!

This initiative has become a successful fortnightly engagement for Sky Blue Members and Fans to interact with Sydney FC players, coaches and staff. In two weeks (27 March) we will be back with another current Sky Blues player!

Here is a transcript of the 45 questions, with Joel Chianese-s answers.

Chris ?: Joel, what is the one main thing you have learnt off Alessandro?
#SydneyFanChat How well he can keep the ball in tight areas and how professional he is at training and in games

Zee: Joel Chianese. You are the cutest squad member, in my opinion. Who comes close to you
#SydneyFanChat Thanks, um @v_janjetovic AKA magic mike thinks he is pretty cute

Nurhayati Hashim: Big fans of yours. 🙂 Who would you compare your ability as a striker to?
#SydneyFanChat Not sure who I would compare myself to but it would be a striker who uses their speed to get in behind defences

Hi Joel! Love watching you play! Do you support an EPL club and if so which club?
#SydneyFanChat No I don’t support any team in particular but I love watching the league. I follow Roma in the Italian Serie A

Patrice: Joel, Great goal on the weekend! How do you prepare for a game?
#SydneyFanChat I like to have a good sleep the night before, relax the day of the game and have a big bowl of pasta at lunch

Patrice: Joel, Who is the Hardest a league defender you have come up against?
#SydneyFanChat It would either be Simon Colosimo or Andrew Durante

Nurhayati Hashim: Hi Joel, if you were to take a peno, do you go left/right? Or Panenka it? And why.
#SydneyFanChat I think I will leave the penalties to @delpieroale but if I take one I would score!

[m.d]: Hey Joel, nice finish on the weekend, what-s the best prank played in the dressing room this year?
#SydneyFanChat The boys all signed Terry Antonis’ shoes that he had to wear home – we all had a good laugh

[m.d]: Any chance of getting you on twitter?
#SydneyFanChat Yeah there is a good chance in the near future

[m.d]: Being of Italian descent yourself, does Ale speak Italian to you on the field or in training?
#SydneyFanChat Yeah one of the good things is being able to speak to @delpieroale in Italian on and off the field

[m.d]: Hey Joel, my friend Bella loves you. Any chance of a shout out for her? Haha 😉
#SydneyFanChat Hey Bella, big shout out from me and all the boys here at @SydneyFC

Like It Is Australia: Hey Joel, what part of Italy is your family from
#SydneyFanChat My grandfather is from Calabria and my grandmother is from close to Rome

Joyce: Hi Joel?do u learn a lot from ADP? how’s the feeling to play with him? and what will u do after training every day?
#SydneyFanChat I can never learn enough from @delpieroale every day at training, he is a legend of the game and I love it

Joyce: Hi Joel who is your best friend in the club? Who do u think the funniest in the club? Do u think u r more handsome than others?
#SydneyFanChat Nathan Sherlock, the funniest is crazy Ivan Necevski and you will have to ask the other boys for their opinion

Dorina-Rose: Sooo, Cleo mag.. Taking up a modelling contract any time soon? :-p
#SydneyFanChat You saw that haha? No not anytime soon unless some offers come along

Jade V: Are you and the boys confident about this Saturday game against Melbourne Victory?
#SydneyFanChat The boys are very confident that we will get another win at home and continue on our way to the finals

Burney Wong: Congrats on scoring over the weekend! How did it feel, scoring the winning goal?
#SydneyFanChat It was a great feeling getting my first goal of the season, 3 points is most important but hopefully more to come

Dorina-Rose: If you could play alongside any former or current player, who would it be?
#SydneyFanChat Other than @delpieroale my favourite player is Francesco Totti, that would be a great experience

Jade V: What do you think of Western Sydney Wanderers’s success this season?
#SydneyFanChat I think they have surprised everybody this year on how well they are going but it’s great for the game!

Luke Cevolani: Hi Joel, best memory playing in the NSW Premier League with Blacktown City?
#SydneyFanChat Making my first grade debut and winning the Championship the year before I signed with @SydneyFC

Andrew French: What are your short and long term goals Joel?
#SydneyFanChat Firstly to have an injury free and successful 13/14 season after that I will consider my options

Alex Wain: You’re all quick & talented youngsters, but what makes you a different player from Powell, Mallia & @YYau07?
#SydneyFanChat They are great young players, I think it is just about making the most of your opportunities when given the chance

David Moore: Joel, after a lot of injuries in preseason you must be relieved to be injury free and playing again
#SydneyFanChat Definitely, it was a bit frustrating but now I am enjoying my football – hopefully it stays that way

Luis Charalambous: Hey Joel, what is the main aspect of Melbourne’s game the boys will be aiming to contain this weekend?
#SydneyFanChat They have one of the best attacking combinations in the league, so we will be sure to be compact in defence

Tim Jenkins: Quality finish on sat Joel! Which atmosphere is bigger, Big Blue or Derby?
#SydneyFanChat I haven’t played in a Derby yet but it is set to be massive in 2 weeks. This weekend-s #BigBlue will also be huge

Chris: Oportos or Nandos #theimportantquestion
#SydneyFanChat Oportos – Bondi burger!

Stephen Armstrong: Joel, cracking finish last weekend. How many are you going to put away against the Tards?
#SydneyFanChat Hopefully we get the win first, but one or two goals would be fantastic!

Haron Edejer: Who’s the quickest in the team? Thinking it’s either you or Yairo…
#SydneyFanChat I think you are right on the money there, Mallia is close as well – would be a good foot race

Billy Morrison: Good goal on the weekend, Joel. Did that win vs. Central Coast give the team more confidence?
#SydneyFanChat It continued our good results at home & has maintained our confidence for a massive game in the #BigBlue

Carol Lin: Hi Joel, how did you start playing soccer? when?
#SydneyFanChat I started playing at 6 years old at my local club Wenty Waratahs

Marq Darby: Has been out best player who isn’t Italian this season, do you think he should grow back is long locks?
#SydneyFanChat A few boys have been pushing him to bring back the long locks, maybe it would make him an even better player

John Sikic: Where do u get the energy to sprint so fast and keep on sprinting at full throughout the game?
#SydneyFanChat It is just something I do naturally, I have always been fit and fast

Burney Wong: What did you think of this morning’s match between Barca and Milan?
#SydneyFanChat Barca totally dominated. Once they scored the opening goal, Messi was unstoppable

Joyce: Hey Joel which singer do u like best?which type of music do u like? and which actor and actress do u like?
#SydneyFanChat I like listening to rnb & dance music, Pitbull, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia. Liam Neeson and Angelina Jolie

Chris Gouw: ?How does one pronounce your last name Joel?
#SydneyFanChat Ki – ah – neh – she

Adam Schoenherr: Hey Joel what team if any team would you want to play for if you got the chance?
#SydneyFanChat Possibly Roma as they are my favourite team

Thais Gallagher: What’s your favourite food Joel? Cheers from Brazil 🙂
#SydneyFanChat Being Italian no surprise pasta, penne napoletana

Carol Lin: How do you spend your time after training? Is there any other interests?
#SydneyFanChat Movies, x-box and spending time with the family and my girlfriend

Chris Gouw: How has the Cove’s support helped you in games? Do you wish you were a part of it instead of playing sometimes?
#SydneyFanChat The Cove is like an extra man on the field, pumps us up when we are ahead and can lift the boys when we’re behind

Jeromie Elias Hraiky: Hey Joel what is your fav sport other than soccer and who did u support
#SydneyFanChat I used to play tennis for a few years. I also like watching rugby league I support the Broncos

Stephen Armstrong: Stallone or Schwarzenegger?
#SydneyFanChat Stallone

Naif: Do you think ADP will retire in the next season ? Do you have the chance to win A-League next season ?
#SydneyFanChat The way he is playing this season, I am sure he could easily continue on for a few years. This season comes first

Mamoon Nighat Sufi: Messi or Ronaldo?
#SydneyFanChat It’s very tough to separate them but I think Ronaldo takes the cake

Anthony Vescio: What’s it like playing in front of the Cove and do you have a favourite chant? Please score against MV and WSW
#SydneyFanChat I love it, gives the match an amazing atmosphere and helps the team perform well. Rhyan Grant has s*** hair is funny

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