#SydneyFanChat Transcript With Jodie Taylor


Sydney FC Westfield W-League international Jodie Taylor hosted the live Twitter chat today ahead of their first home game this Saturday 16 November at WIN Stadium, Wollongong as the Sky Blues look to go back to back.

Sydney FC Westfield W-League international Jodie Taylor hosted the live Twitter chat today ahead of their first home game this Saturday 16 November at WIN Stadium, Wollongong as the Sky Blues look to go back to back. During the hour Jodie told us the best goal celebration she has seen, the worst dancer in the squad and which player could talk your ear off.

Kerry-anne Phillis: Which team do you think will be Sydney’s biggest rival for the title this season.
#SydneyFanChat I would have said Brisbane before the weekend but that score was a shock I would still say Brisb but Canberra will b there

Shell: Jodie, across all the leagues you have played in, who is the toughest defender you have had to take on?
#SydneyFanChat Probably the Swedish International centre back Nilla Fischer who is now with Wolfsburg I think!!

Alana: How are you getting along with your team mates
#SydneyFanChat Really good – they are a good bunch girls and we good team morale

Alana: Best goal celebration you’ve seen or done
#SydneyFanChat It has to be Sam Kerr’s somesault in the Grand Final last year after her goal.

Sydney FC Women: After a great season with MVictory a few years back, why return to the @WLeague with the mighty Sky Blues?
#SydneyFanChat I spent some time in Syd & loved it but the players, the coaching staff, and competitiveness at the club felt good

Sydney FC Women: Oh and #JodieTaylor, welcome to the club, we are very excited to have you on board this season (and hopefully beyond)
#SydneyFanChat Thanks @SydneyWFC it’s great to be here and I’m very excited as well

Matt Corish: Do you ever train with the men’s team?
#SydneyFanChat No we don’t however we did train this morning on the field next to them

Kerry-anne Phillis: How do you believe the W-League compares to the other leagues you have played in.
#SydneyFanChat The standard is better in Europe but it’s tough here & the players are athletic, playing the heat is a challenge

Sydney FC Women: Jodie, who of your teammates do you think this pic best represents??
#SydneyFanChat I would say it’s a mixture of @EmmaKete19 and Sam Kerr. Haha!

Sarah Kiwarkis: Who is in ur opinion the best female football player in the world?have u ever had the privilege 2 play against her?
#SydneyFanChat Christine Sinclair she is clever & clinical & I played against her in US College football when she was at Portland

Anthony Vescio: Hi Jodie. I think I fell in love with you watching Sunday’s game
#SydneyFanChat Thank you very much

Shell: Jodie, what are your personal goals for this @WLeague season?
#SydneyFanChat Basically to win the Championship in the Grand Final

Flora McLeod: Hey Jodie, will you score more goals than @EmmaKete19 this season is the BIG question 😉
#SydneyFanChat Haha! Probably not if she keeps scoring peaches like she did at the weekend

raquel acevedo: Jodie which mate is the best or worst dancer in @sydneyfc
#SydneyFanChat Worst is definitely Staj. I heard Rollo does jazz dancing so I should say her!

David Warriner: What are you expecting from the game in Wollongong this weekend?
#SydneyFanChat It’ll be a tough game and they are capable of scoring goals not to be taken lightly

David Warriner: How did it feel to beat your old team mates at the weekend?
#SydneyFanChat I thought it would be stranger but there are lots of new faces so it didn’t feel like the team I was part of

David Warriner: A lot of people will be expecting @SydneyFC W-league to walk the league now after Sunday’s win will that be the case?
#SydneyFanChat No we still have a lot of things to improve on if we want to be successful and it’s not the attitude we have

raquel acevedo : Any chance fans in the USA can watch full games or cool club media from @sydneywfc #sydneyfanchat … i’m sure some would pay/subscribe
#SydneyFanChat I’m not sure but you could check the ABC website in Oz to see if there’s a streamin the USA during games

Cameron Laundry: Do you have any pregame rituals?
#SydneyFanChat No not really I just go for a walk and a stretch and a morning coffee sometime a team meal when we travel

Alyaa Najwa: Who is your idol in football ?? Why ??
#SydneyFanChat It was Ian Rush and Thierry Henry when I was young and I had a rabbit called Rushie!!

Sarah Kiwarkis: Who’s your favorite English premier league team ? Please say arsenal lol
#SydneyFanChat Born and bred Liverpool fan but Arsenal play good football.

David Moore: Who do you support in EPL? And how much better is Sydney compared to Melbourne?
#SydneyFanChat They are both great and I love Melbourne as a city but living at Manly beach makes up for it

Cameron Laundry: Who are the under rated players in the team we should be watching out for?
#SydneyFanChat I think Nicola Bolger for sure – she had a really good game at the weekend and Alesha Clifford

David Moore: How was training at 6:20 this morning? Have you even had training that early before?
#SydneyFanChat It was hard to wake up but it’s great to have the rest of the day off and I’ve never trained so early b4!!

Amanda: You’re red, when will you be coming to Cheers bar to watch a match
#SydneyFanChat Whenever we’ve got a free weekend I’ll try and make it down!

Ann Odong: How have you found the return to the #wleague this round?
#SydneyFanChat Pretty good – it was a nice break but I’m happy to be back

David Moore: Who do you think will win the next women’s world cup?
#SydneyFanChat One of the usual top contenders either the United States and Germany but I think NZ will be dark horses @morteininmooie

[m.d]: Hey Jodie, how does it feel to be at a proper club now that you’ve left Victory? 😉
#SydneyFanChat It’s great to be @SydneyFC but I really enjoyed my experience at Melbourne

Alyaa Najwa: Do you know Badhri Radzi & Khairul Fahmi ??
#SydneyFanChat No sorry I haven’t

Ann Odong: Jodie, how have you found being coached by the warm and fuzzy Alen Stajcic?
#SydneyFanChat Yes he is very warm and fuzzy and also a good coach, it’s been great

Cameron Laundry: You won the Women’s FA Cup with Birmingham. Would you like to see an equivalent cup competition here in Australia?
#SydneyFanChat Yes I would like to see that

Sara M: How do you respond to the idea that we’re the most hated team in Australian football?
#SydneyFanChat That doesn’t bother me really

David Moore: Who is the worst player to sit next to on plane/coach trips?
#SydneyFanChat Sam Kerr will talk your ear off!! Haha! She’s hilarious though!