#SydneyFanChat Transcript With George Blackwood


Ahead of Saturday’s clash against Perth Glory at Allianz Stadium, George Blackwood hosted the live Twitter chat today. During the half hour we learnt what his pre-match rituals are, who he rates as his favourite Socceroo and which Cove chant he thinks is the best!

Peter Vernicos: what are your personal aspirations for the rest of the year ? I want to help the team win the league first and foremost and then hopefully score my first goal!

Jess Davidson: George I heard you are in the upcoming CLEO magazine? Yeah I think I am! I did a shoot a couple of months ago, make sure you pick up a copy 🙂

Tim Jenkins: Hey George, who’s your all time fav Socceroo and why? Cheers! Probably, Mark Viduka because I’m a striker and I try to mimic him a bit!

Charolie: How much have you learnt from Alex Brosque with regards to finishing and how much is the team looking forward to having him back? I’ve learnt a lot from him & Simmo, Smeltz, Ninko! Obviously we can’t wait to have Brosquey back!

SSouthy: Did you get a bit shy the other week, when we came out and GA declared you were the future of the club? Yeah a little bit embarrassed but it’s a great compliment from a great coach!

Doug Kors: Hi George, just wondering if you always wear your club polo around the house on your day off? Hey Doug! Only sometimes. Do you always sit on your computer, or do you take a break once in a while?

The Cove: Favorite chant George? I’m a massive fan of @RhyanGrant’s bad hair chant!


SSouthy: Georgie, I’m waiting for that goal 😉 I’m hoping it comes at the derby 🙂 Me too, I hope it comes soon! If it came in the Derby it would be amazing for sure!

Erica: Wish you all the best George! Thanks! 

Nicholas Rupolo: How eager are you to get your first goal? and when you score what kind of celebration do you have in mind!? Very eager to score, hopefully it comes soon! I have no idea what I’ll do for a celebration! 

James Polansky: Hi George, do you have a favourite Premier League team? Yeah I’m a big @LFC fan!

Erica: Hey George, where do you see yourself in 5 years time? In 5 years, maybe playing overseas somewhere? The aim is to one day hopefully play in Europe.

adriano.cerasoli: How do you think you can improve your goalscoring form? Just practicing shooting in training and continually getting more game time will help! 


manilaRE: Does the team realise how committed The Cove is to the team?Did you go to games before you were picked ? Everyone knows how committed @TheCove23 is! I used to go to the games as kid a lot! 

Yumna Aditya Prakoso: Hi George,what do you think about the group of AFC Champions League that Sydney FC get?? It’s going to be tough but I think it’s doable, I think we’re more than capable of getting through.

@Gabriellaaa67: Hey George, what’s the best thing about playing for Sydney fc and do u have any pre game rituals? The fans is a great part of playing for Sydney! Pre-game, I always put everything on my right leg first. 

sam marrone: What is your favourite goal celebration? And do you have one? I don’t have one of my own but I love the dab that Paul Pogba and Lingard have started to do

Sydney FC take on Perth Glory in their next home match at Allianz Stadium on Saturday 13 February (kick off 5:15pm). Tickets are still available, get yours now!