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Jun 10, 2010   |  2:56PM AET

Sydney FC stars give their WC tips

Sydney FC stars give their WC tips

On the eve of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, find out which team Sydney FC’s A-League winning stars think will progress to the Group Stage and go on to win the tournament.

Group A:
South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France

Ivan Necevski: South Africa & France
Liam Reddy: Uruguay & France
Shannon Cole: Mexico & France
Hayden Foxe: Uruguay & France
Antony Golec: Mexico & France
Rhyan Grant: South Africa & France
Matthew Jurman: Mexico & France
Sebastian Ryall: South Africa & Mexico
Brendan Gan: Mexico & France
Terry McFlynn: Uruguay & France
Mark Bridge: Uruguay & France
Alex Brosque: Uruguay & France
Kofi Danning: France & Mexico

Group B:
Argentina, Nigeria, Korea Republic, Greece

Ivan Necevski: Argentina & Greece
Liam Reddy: Argentina & Nigeria
Shannon Cole: Argentina & Greece
Hayden Foxe: Argentina & Nigeria
Antony Golec: Korea Rep. & Argentina
Rhyan Grant: Argentina & Korea Rep.
Matthew Jurman: Korea Rep. & Argentina
Sebastian Ryall: Argentina & Nigeria
Brendan Gan: Argentina & Korea Rep.
Terry McFlynn: Nigeria & Argentina
Mark Bridge: Nigeria & Argentina
Alex Brosque: Greece & Argentina
Kofi Danning: Nigeria & Argentina

Group C:
England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia

Ivan Necevski: England & Slovenia
England & USA
Shannon Cole: England & USA
Hayden Foxe: England & USA
Antony Golec: Slovenia & England
Rhyan Grant: England & USA
Matthew Jurman: England & USA
Sebastian Ryall: England & USA
Brendan Gan: England & USA
Terry McFlynn: England & USA
Mark Bridge: England & USA
Alex Brosque: England & USA
England & USA

Group D:
Germany, Australia, Serbia, Ghana

Ivan Necevski: Germany & Serbia
Liam Reddy: Germany & Ghana
Shannon Cole: Germany & Australia
Hayden Foxe: Germany & Australia
Antony Golec: Germany & Ghana
Rhyan Grant: Germany & Australia
Matthew Jurman: Germany & Australia
Sebastian Ryall: Germany & Australia
Brendan Gan: Germany & Serbia
Terry McFlynn: Germany & Serbia
Mark Bridge: Germany & Australia
Alex Brosque: Germany & Ghana
Kofi Danning: Germany & Ghana

Group E:
Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Cameroon

Ivan Necevski: Netherlands & Denmark
Liam Reddy: Netherlands & Japan
Shannon Cole: Netherlands & Japan
Hayden Foxe: Netherlands & Denmark
Antony Golec: Netherlands & Denmark
Rhyan Grant: Netherlands & Cameroon
Matthew Jurman: Netherlands & Denmark
Sebastian Ryall: Netherlands & Cameroon
Brendan Gan: Netherlands & Cameroon
Terry McFlynn: Netherlands & Japan
Mark Bridge: Netherlands & Cameroon
Alex Brosque: Netherlands & Cameroon
Kofi Danning: Netherlands & Cameroon

Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia

Ivan Necevski: Italy & Slovakia
Liam Reddy: Italy & Paraguay
Shannon Cole:Italy & Paraguay
Hayden Foxe: Slovakia & Italy
Antony Golec: Italy & Slovakia
Rhyan Grant: Italy & Paraguay
Matthew Jurman: Italy & Paraguay
Sebastian Ryall: Italy & Slovakia
Brendan Gan: Italy & Paraguay
Terry McFlynn: Italy & Slovakia
Mark Bridge: Italy & Paraguay
Alex Brosque: Italy & Paraguay
Kofi Danning: Italy & Paraguay

Group G:
Brazil, Korea DPR, Ivory Coast, Portugal

Ivan Necevski: Brazil & Portugal
Liam Reddy: Brazil & Ivory Coast
Shannon Cole: Brazil & Portugal
Hayden Foxe: Brazil & Portugal
Antony Golec: Ivory Coast & Portugal
Rhyan Grant: Brazil & Portugal
Matthew Jurman: Brazil & Ivory Coast
Sebastian Ryall: Brazil & Ivory Coast
Brendan Gan: Brazil & Portugal
Terry McFlynn: Brazil & Portugal
Mark Bridge: Brazil & Ivory Coast
Alex Brosque: Brazil & Portugal
Kofi Danning: Ivory Coast & Brazil

Group H:
Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, Chile

Ivan Necevski: Spain & Chile
Liam Reddy: Spain & Switzerland
Shannon Cole: Spain & Switzerland
Hayden Foxe: Spain & Chile
Antony Golec: Spain & Switzerland
Rhyan Grant: Spain & Switzerland
Matthew Jurman: Chile & Spain
Sebastian Ryall: Spain & Switzerland
Brendan Gan: Spain & Switzerland
Terry McFlynn: Spain & Switzerland
Mark Bridge: Spain & Chile
Alex Brosque: Spain & Chile
Kofi Danning: Spain & Chile

Who will win the tournament?

Ivan Necevski: Spain
Liam Reddy: Spain
Shannon Cole: Spain
Hayden Foxe: Brazil
Antony Golec: Portugal
Rhyan Grant: Argentina
Matthew Jurman: Spain
Sebastian Ryall: Argentina
Brendan Gan: England
Terry McFlynn: England
Mark Bridge: England
Alex Brosque: Spain
Kofi Danning: Brazil