Sydney FC & Players Reach Agreement In Pay Deal Negotiations


Sydney FC has reached an agreement in pay deal negotiations with the club’s A-League players, as the Sky Blues prepare for a record third consecutive Championship attempt.

The pay agreement will allow the club to begin pre-season this week while also looking ahead to renewing its AFC Champions League 2020 campaign in November.

Sydney FC Chief Executive Officer Danny Townsend praised the attitude and commitment of the players during a difficult process.

“Our players have been magnificent throughout these negotiations and they should be given huge credit for the sacrifice they’ve made for the good of the A-League and game in this country.

“We’ve had a very honest and open dialogue and the club is hugely appreciative for the respect they have given the process. 

“I’d also like to thank our coaching, medical, administrative and academy staff for the sacrifices they have made over the last few months.

“All of our staff understand the position of the league and have put the future of the game first.

“It is also important to acknowledge the continued funding provided by club owners across the A-League who have and will ensure our competition continues to forge ahead.”

Sky Blues Captain and PFA President Alex Wilkinson is pleased an agreement could be reached for the benefit of the A-League and Sydney FC’s Members and supporters.

“It has been a very difficult process but we have come to an agreement and now we can concentrate on playing football.

“It has been a challenging time but the negotiations have been amicable and in good faith, and the club have handled the situation with great care and respect.

“Our players, and every player across the league, takes the future of football in Australia and our Members interests very seriously, and they have put that before any personal benefit.

“Now we move on and look forward to getting ready for the new season.”

The Sky Blues are back in training today for their first full week since winning the A-League Grand Final in August.

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