Sydney FC Membership Survey Responses

See what we have to say about your questions

Here are all the relevant comments from our recent Member Survey together with our replies. Thanks for taking the time to let us know your thoughts, it is important you speak to us and we listen!

Comments not needing an answer, but thank you:
Comment: Better value for money than last season
Comment: Still great value.
Comment: I love being a member and so does my husband. We cannot wait to have a baby we can bring into the fold. We met through Sydney fc games so it’s very special to us!
Comment: Great to see the team improve and have a good home-grown coach and players  (like Socceroos) 🙂
Comment: Happy that we have a new coach that is playing decent football. Happy that the club generally are trying to push the team in the right direction, happy to invite new people along to let them get a taste of it.
Comment: This season the standard of play in the A League is even higher and Sydney FC is now part of this much improved and more interesting football. Graham Arnold is a very good coach.
Comment: Very Happy with Coach Arnold
Comment: I’m very happy to be a SFC member
Comment: Overall excellent value and good service provided.
Comment: It’s been a great season!! Thanks for all your efforts.
Comment: as a long term member it is pleasing to see a more consistent approach to signing players & hope we keep Arnie for a while
Comment: Best value ticket for any sport/entertainment in Sydney
Comment: Satisfied with the member experience
Comment: I enjoy being a member and hope that growth remains positive.
Comment: Keep Graham Arnold as coach. First decent coach for many years.
Comment: Enjoying the atmosphere and the effort to make the games family friendly. Keep up the good work, onwards and upwards.
Comment: I am happy with the current membership which is getting better every year. Looking forward to renewing next season.
Comment: Memberships team have always been very helpful – great work.
Comment: I’m happy with my membership and use it, at the very least, to get into games in Queensland.
Comment: Always had great service from the membership department when I’ve needed to contact them. Keep up the great work
Comment: Regular electronic member updates are valuable and informative, and the team producing them should be commended.
Comment: One happy member here. Always look forward to home games, and will for years to come.
Comment: Have loved every second of being a Sydney FC member. Thanks to all the team and staff.
Comment: Good value and good correspondence from the club i.e.: member’s emails etc.
Comment: I really appreciate being recognised as a ten year member this year. Thank you and the scarf was a really nice touch! Love the free program. I think this is an absolute must – two reasons – one for the team line ups and two for a collectable. Very important and thank you. Very happy with Graham Arnold and the seemingly stable management – please don’t change this. And very excited to read about the future plans – awesome.
Comment: Much better now you display name AND number of players on screen before match – keep doing that 🙂
Comment: Honestly, the thing that keeps me coming to games is stability at the club and that we have a plan for the future. Good football is a bonus, and all the bells and whistles that are around it are just gravy.  We’ve sat in the same seats for 10 years and know the people around us. The sense of community, and ownership, of the club keeps us coming back year after year after year.
Comment: Promotion and stories have improved with the appointment of Arnie – but let’s have more, please.
Comment: Overall happy with the membership experience and happy to renew. Hopefully the hats are bigger in next year’s package.

Comment: Please stop raising prices!!!!
Response: Prices did not rise last year. Did you know Bronze Membership for a renewing member has risen rose only $5 since 2005/6 season? Even with the 3 extra games we play now. There is an affordable Membership for everyone.
Comment: Sound system needs work  G Arnold is such a professional. We need to nurture and keep him for 10+ years
Response: Please report sound issues to the Membership department, we need to know where you sit and what the problem is.
Comment: just want to support the club and feel valued by the club
Response: Thank you, every member is vital to us.
Comment: Would like to see more spectator participation
Response: Just stay off the pitch please! Otherwise be as loud as you can, it really helps.
Comment: Keep up the good work adding value each year without too much additional cost. Things like public transport and discounts etc. were great additions over the last few years.
Response: Thanks, we try!
Comment: The club lives and dies based on the on field performance.  It has been much better this year but it still has a fair way to go from the context of season so far.  Graham has done a fair job so far but some of the recruiting has been questionable and some of the match day tactics have been off the mark in quite a few first half’s, with the coach and the team having to play catch-up to get any sort of a result.  It’s still not clear if he is really the man for the job.
Response: Over the last few years we have had many changes in players and coaches. Graham has brought with him stability and a new culture at the club. He has started quite well and although these things take time we have faith in him to be the person to take us forward.
Comment: I think it is important for the club to listen to sensible suggestions and comments. Ever thought about having a selection of members look at membership benefits on a more frequent basis.
Response: We always take on board members comments and suggestions. As well as the membership surveys we also invite members to our forum before the commencement of the season to listen and exchange ideas about the club.
Comment: It’s great to have membership but with the schedule changes, it would be great if you have Google Calendar option inside the email.
Response: At the moment we do not operate with Google, however this is an option we are willing to look into and consider
Comment: Very happy overall and can’t complain about anything. Going to games is so quick and easy. You really notice it when bringing non-regulars and having to wait for them to buy tickets.
Response: Memberships are the easiest way to gain entry to the stadium with your seat secured for each game. If you do bring extra fans with you we do recommend to pre purchase tickets through Ticketek for speedy access on game days. It is cheaper to pre-book and you are still entitled to your 10% discount on extra tickets for home games.
Comment: Very happy with the amount of feedback and social media interaction of the club this year. Would like to see more articles/interviews with the players and coaches a bit more. Really enjoy seeing the guys playing “games” at training and having a laugh. More meet and greet days on game days. Thanks for listening last year and moving the club in the right direction with not only the team/coaches selection but with fan interaction.
Response: We do aim to connect with all members and fans with our exclusive emails, social media updates, and information/videos on our website. We do try to get as much player/coach involvement as we can however this does revolve around their busy schedule. We do have social media Q&A’s as well as interviews post game and at training. Post-game meet and greets can be difficult to manage especially after a night game. Once the team have their showers and get something to eat it can become quite late. You are always able to head down to any open training sessions. To find out when these occur, call 8314 5100 and follow the first prompt.
Comment: The SFC office and game day staff are great. I’m disappointed that you seldom print enough programs. I would like the option to have a smartphone membership instead of lanyard and card
Response: A smartphone membership is something we are willing to incorporate in future however at the moment we are limited by our current system which we are looking to upgrade. Best to arrive early to grab the program, or look in the merch stores inside the stadium, they usually have them for late arrivals.
Comment: Improve music before the game pick a song at the start of home game
Response: At the start of the game the team walks out to Hells Bells each week as well as the great atmosphere provided by the Cove. If the Cove select a song and the rest of the stadium welcome it we will embrace it. If this is to occur we would like it to be a natural progression.
Comment: A season devoted to promoting “one club song ” that  provides an experience that would have everyone  flocking to every game to revisit the experience.
Response: When all the fans can agree on a song, we will happily promote it. We do not want to force one.
Comment: Would like to know match day line-up when it goes public or where to find it.
Response: The match day line-up is put up on our social media pages. You can check out our Facebook or Twitter pages for up to date information.
Comment: It’s not easy to upgrade to a higher level when you have to pay membership by a certain date to receive the loyalty discount as all the available seats in the higher level would not be known until after the cut-off date.
Response: The deadline to keep the loyalty pricing ends in August. The deadline for when un-renewed seats is in July. This way, you are able to upgrade at the loyalty price after the July deadline to see what upgraded seats are available. Alternatively, you are able to renew the same seats by the July deadline, then after the deadline see which seats are available and upgrade by only paying the difference. As long as you upgrade by the August deadline, you will always be entitled to the loyalty discount. And existing Members who let us know they would like to upgrade will get first choice of newly available seats before they get released to non-members.
Comment: the fireworks after goals were a hit at central coast or confetti showers off the roof section
Response: We know that some teams do incorporate this however we believe the Cove provide a better atmosphere during a post goal celebration.
Comment: Good range but could be expanded to offer packages where the supporter could choose his/her games
Response: Unfortunately this is not a membership we are able to accommodate over an entire season, however we do have part season memberships for set games with our Big Game Pack and Blockbuster Pack. We understand that some people have work commitments, so memberships are transferable. Anyone is able to use an adult pass while a concession membership can be used by any concession and any junior can use a junior card.
Comment: As a Platinum Plus member for 10 years it would be nice to see a discount especially for aged pensioners
Response: As the Platinum Plus seats are the best in the stadium, due to the high demand we cannot afford to offer a discount on Platinum Plus seating. All other membership do have a Concession discount.
Comment: Great value for money, and was really pleased to get my 5 year silver key ring this year. I’ve tried to convince friends to sign up but the $ tend to keep them away. Maybe if there was a refer a friend discount or something? Not sure if that would work logistically though.
Response: While we would love a refer-a-friend program, we need to look at the best way to implement this. We would rather reward current members with a discounted loyalty price as opposed to having a discounted membership for brand new members.
Comment: Really liked the 10 year member scarf, great touch. If there is something which encourages current members to bring a new member there should be a discount.
Response: Member Get Member offer next season should be enticing for everyone.
Comment: Stop GA ticketed patrons swarming into the platinum section. We (3 members) have contemplated giving up our membership on this issue.  Why pay top dollar when you can wander in for half the price?
Response: GA members and patrons should not be sitting in the Platinum area as these are reserved seats. If there are any issues on game day please notify the stadium ushers at the top of your bay or text the stadium security on 0400 816 205
Comment: I noticed both times I was given my interstate free ticket I was in a general area and not with the Sydney Fans and was moved by security against Victory.
Response: If you are wearing Sydney FC gear you should be allowed into any Sydney FC away bay in any stadium. If you have issues with your local stadium, please advise
Comment: An option for a second membership card would be very handy to save dropping the cards back & forward when one of us can’t make a game.
Response: Each membership is allocated with a unique barcode on their card which the member scans in with. The issue with doubling up on the member card is it would cause confusion on game days. If 1 card has already been scanned in and someone attempts to scan in with a 2nd card it would not work as the barcode would have already been used. This would cause frustration on game days. Alternatively, if your second pass was stolen or lost and someone tried to use it, they may gain access to your seat and you would not be able to get in if they scanned in first.
Comment: Overall membership is good and the game day experience is good. But the team need to continue to strive to play attacking entertaining football. But I think rather than a hat or scarf an opportunity to purchase the new jersey at the cheapest rate possible would be a good option to have.
Response: Only members are entitled to a 10% discount when purchasing a jersey or any other merchandise. Only members have access to these specials and discounts.
Comment: meet & greet need to be in Sydney. They are a Sydney Team and always around in other states
Response: The best way to meet the team is to head down to the open training sessions at Macquarie Uni Sports Fields. To find out the training schedule, please call 8314 5100 and follow the first prompt.
Comment: I wouldn’t mind a few extra  goodies. with it.   Also more chances to meet the players etc.
Response: We will look at an extra Member Only function in Sydney next season.
Comment: Would like to see more memorabilia auctions for club items. Would like to also see a wider range of meet and greets throughout the season in regional areas such as regional NSW/Canberra, to try and win fans in places that currently do not have a team to support.
Response: We do try and offer as much memorabilia for auction as we can. This season has included match worn FFA Cup jerseys as well as the charity strip worn against Central Coast. We do offer whatever we are able to. We do have quite a few members from the ACT and regional areas, and we do have a flexible Adventurer membership which caters for their needs if they cannot attend every game. Unfortunately it is difficult to hold a meet and greet during the season in these areas especially without a team to play there. We have had pre-season games here previously and it is an important area for us. Although we would love to get to everyone, during the season there is a busy training schedule in preparation for game day.
Comment: Make membership pricing more attractive! Take a look at how successful the wanderers have been (as much as I hate to say it)
Response: Attractive football is worth paying for, and we want to ensure that is what we deliver

Stadium Issues:
Comment: a package that includes meal voucher, and prepaid car parking
Response: Unfortunately parking and food outlets are all run by the SCG Trust and we do not have access to these facilities.
Comment: Make the overall experience less taxing, by providing membership food and drink discounts.
Response: We have attempted to engage the Trust to reduce prices and offer better options. If you are dissatisfied, you are welcome to bring in your own food and drink. See guidelines here:
Comment: Parking and food is the biggest deterrent in heading to the game. You would think having a membership would entitle you to membership benefits at the game where it matters but instead all the discounts are on things that I would bother with (webjet, Arthur gallon etc)
Response: Likewise Parking prices are out of our control. Therefore for us to offer parking or food vouchers it would cost us the exact money you would get as a discount, this would cost far more than the items in the membership pack
Comment: Better audio for under cover areas bay35, better hot food and cooked properly
Response: Hopefully the new screens have better sounds, but feel free to alert us if there are any problems. Apologies about the bay screens not working last game, should be perfect from here on in.
Comment: Would like better audio under cover bays , properly cooked food and hot.
Response: See above
Comment: reduce price of operate in allianz stadium
Response: We wish we could!
Comment: Stadium food and drinks are too expensive, there is not enough variety, and there are not enough people serving so the queues are too long.
Response: See above
Comment: Better food for vegetarians like wraps or salads
Response: See above
Comment: Ticket price is OK, parking and food pricing ridiculous…
Response: See above
Comment: Reduce freebies in membership but increase value/ reduce prices or vouchers for parking or food and beverage
Response: See above
Comment: I love the Sydney FC membership..but please do something about the food..plenty of places for the grog but nothing of any worth for the food..deep fried crap or cold burgers.  I have been a member for longer then 4 years as shown on my card but because i missed one year due to sickness i cant claim the other years…not good jane..not good.
Response: Loyalty years are counted by consecutive seasons that each member has signed up for a membership. Unfortunately if you have missed out on a year, the loyalty years do reset.
Comment: Overall it is very enjoyable being a SYD FC member. My only feedback is as above – all home games to be played at ALLIANZ (SFS)
Response: Allianz Stadium is our home ground and we would love to play all of our home games here. Unfortunately there was a clash this season where the stadium was being returfed. We were put in a position where we were forced to move 1 of our matches and many closer stadiums were already booked out by Asian Cup teams. Hopefully in future we are able to keep our games at our home.
Comment: Please keep playing at the SFS. Home games at other venues just disenfranchise me and everyone I know who attends feels the same.
Response: See above
Comment: Was annoyed by the handling charge to book my seat for the Wollongong game
Response: If we do move a game we hope our new system will allow all members to book their tickets for free.
Comment: Had an issue with the game in Wollongong not having seats for member many thanks to the Sydney fc staff who gave us stand tickets. Catering at all stadiums is hit and miss cost is excessive for quality of food and drink provided
Response: We will look at this issue if we have to move a game again.
Comment: If there are games away from Allianz next season, we should just be given the appropriate tickets.  While the tickets we obtained weren’t bad, they were not as good as our normal seats and the process took time.
Response: See above
Comment: We love Allianz stadium, just that it’s a rip-off parking there, and public transport to/from the stadium isn’t really all that good.  Perhaps shuttle buses to/from Central station and/or the city might make it easier
Response: We always have shuttle busses running at every game day to and from Central. These busses usually depart from Chalmers St. You can always check with for information regarding public transport on game day
Comment: You should be able let anyone use your membership. i.e. if it’s a student/child membership ticket then let an adult go instead of not allowing them in at least have provisions to pay the difference at the stadium, instead of making them pay full priced ticket. A bit of a turn off when you invite someone to the stadium for the first time.
Response: Currently, anyone is able to use a membership provided a junior uses and a junior pass and anyone using a concession pass can prove that they are a concession. It is not limited to the name of the member on the card. Anyone is able to use an adult membership. This season we have commenced servicing members who wish to upgrade a concession/junior to an adult ticket for a game, we hope to have more resources next season to expand this to all reserved seat members.
Comment: Very disappointing in the handling of the construction around the screen.  I understand the construction was presented at short notice, but the lack of communication with members was very poor. Rather than simply throwing punters into random nearby seats, care should have been taken to liaise with customers to find the best solution for both parties. As it stands, my seat no longer exists despite paying for a full season.
Response: We share your frustration of the short notice given for this construction. If we had known before the season began we would have notified you right away. While we tried our best to reshape members seating with minimal fuss, we reached out to members to help us and notify us if we missed out on seating you with the regular members you are around. We hope that the issue has now been resolved and that we do not have to go through this ordeal any time soon. We thank everyone for their patience and assistance during this period.
Comment: Very satisfied with my membership, and the way Sydney are playing this season – Credit to the players and management. The club could do more to communicate with members, particularly regarding the removal of seats in the cove. The club should also try to have a member of senior management elected to the SCG trust, as our club is both undervalued and unrepresented by/in the trust. Given that our tenancy at Moore Park is one of the biggest, it should be the clubs priority to be represented in the trust.
Response: We hope you are now returned to normal. We have been working extra hard with affected members.
Comment: I would like to see you guys really put pressure on SFS to reduce pricing. It seems that we are getting a higher average attendance now then the roosters get so that should assist in talks. Simple things like the fact that my seat has been moved whilst they upgrade the screens at a time where Sydney FC requires those seats and if they did it during the NRL season no one would notice as those seats are rarely used for normal round games.
Response: Believe me, we are always putting on pressure for better respect of our Members and fans.
Comment: 1st season in the cove has been great. It’s a shame that the building of the new super screens is going to affect our seating when it’s an extremely active area during the a-league season and not so active during the rugby season
Response: Hope you are back to your seat and enjoying the new amenities.
Comment: Would like opportunity to purchase addittional seats adjacent to current members seats.Have never had people sit in next 5 seats but were unable to purchase for other family members.  Would like to see extra time indicated on screen at half time and at full time.Currently no indication.
Response: Unfortunately if members who have purchased those seats choose to not attend or sit in the general admission area, we cannot resell their seats. You are able to call our membership office on 8314 5101 and we can see if there are available seats around you, or we can relocate for a game.
Comment: The people policing the Student membership at the gates need to chill out. Not all 15 year olds are 100cm wearing wiggles shorts and tee. Also please pre warn members that Student cards will be required for entry.
Response: We have been notified about this issue and we have spoken with the trust, just be sure whenever entering the stadium that if you are a concession member that you hold a valid concession and are able to show it upon entry. This will be monitored by stadium staff at each game.
Comment: Train the Stadium staff to be more polite and less rude and confrontational
Response: The trust has started using different staff and complaints have stopped recently, thanks for your understanding.
Comment: Only things that matter are cheap seats, priority finals/away tickets and not being treated like a criminal by stadium security/police if you want to watch with a friend in a different area of an empty stadium.
Response: If you have an issue with stadium staff or police please contact us.
Comment: The staff checking ticket are very officious. I don’t like being treated like a criminal.
Response: Unfortunately it is necessary, some people feel they can flaunt the rules and cheat the club and other members out of paying the full price.
Comment: No where near enough police or stewards at the games, i wouldn’t take my family there, doesn’t feel safe. Football should not be like this
Response: Safety is a very important part of each match day. We want all our members and supporters to feel that they are in a safe and welcoming environment. Police walk through the stands, there are stewards at each gate and the top of every aisle, and security are present on the field at the bottom of each bay. If you ever have an issue please inform any one of these staff members and they will gladly help you out. Also you can contact the trust security discreetly with a text, check the stadium signage and the screens for the number.
Comment: Stricter compliance on non members sitting in members areas/ seats!
Response: If at any time there is someone in your seats, please inform the stadium staff at the top of each bay.
Comment: I joined to see games at Allianz. Spread the game by giving incentives to go there
Response: Free Public Transport including a shuttle bus to and from Central on every game day are in place to allow members and ticket holders worry free travel. This should help with getting to and from the game.
Comment: I love football and Sydney FC is the team I first joined when the A League started. I’ve never liked the SFS – it’s rugby league HQ, the lack of cover in stadium, the riot squad there etc.  I join because I love football. I don’t love Sydney FC.
Response: There is a plan over the next 5 years for a redevelopment to suit our needs which will include more covered seating while we are constantly in discussion in the Trust with day to day issues to the game day experience as memorable as possible.
Comment: The main frustrations of mine generally revolve around the stadium and its management. The contempt shown towards loyal paying, cooperative customers i.e. Sydney FC Members and fans is disgracful. And only 10 years on…  This needs to be worked on or options for a new home explored.
Response: Allianz Stadium is the best centrally located Stadium available for residents of all of the Sydney area. We will continue to work with Allianz to make improvements while this is the case

Comment: The fans forums and walk on the pitch days are awesome. Scott and Tony’s engagement with the fans is excellent and the club has come along way in the past few years to connect with its fans. Having a major shirt manufacturer like Adidas should mean that we have a bigger and more contemporary range of merchandise to purchase (Ties, Work Shirts, Sweatshirts) and how about one year letting the fans have a say in our shirt design. (many I talk to want the orange back somewhere on the shirt).
Response: We love incorporating members ideas into our club, and the forums are a big part of this. Members often have the chance to design a kit, usually a third strip which is then auctioned off for charity.
Comment: Please bring Sydney FC boxer shorts into your range
Response: Thank you for the input and we will take this on board when working on the 2015/16 range.
Comment: I would like to see a cotton polo shirt available
Response: See above
Comment: WSWFC has better supporter clothing than we do.
Response: But not better supporters. Our range changes each year, hopefully you like next seasons gear.
Comment: Hats need to be better. I never wear mine and prefer to wear other style supporter hats. More game day giveaways – collector cards, clappers, Santa hats were good but not enough supplied (5000 only I heard and crowd is an average of 10k). Members discount on food and drink? It’s expensive and the food is cold… Jersey giveaway at half time needs to come to the other side of the field sometimes too! We are members too! And lastly, the team don’t seem to come around to the crowd like they used to – we come to support them and it would be nice if you could get photos/stuff signed by them.
Response: Unfortunately the food outlets are all run by the SCG Trust and we do not have access to these facilities. The member scan operates all around the stadium and winners can be any member in the stadium. It is not limited to only the Western or Eastern stands.
Comment: Seats are good value for money but membership pack items were a bit underwhelming. Perhaps add a bottle opener or keyring or pen
Response: We do try to mix up the membership pack each season to have some variety as we encourage our members to wear the membership gear and show off that they are proud to be a member
Comment: Perhaps a different item each year, socks, hat, scarf etc
Response: See above
Response: Some people prefer less, so we don’t like to include too much, that raises prices.
Comment: Need access to better casual clothes and advice on open training sessions to get more involved
Response: The open training schedule is available. To find out when the team is training please call 8314 5100 and follow the first prompt. Training schedules are released each Monday.
Comment: Sydney does very well by its members but needs to improve its merchandising overall. there are some HORRID apparel in the merch store but its seems to be getting better. Better merch and I would wear it daily (even to work – polos etc)
Response: We continue to try and improve this each season as we want members and fans to proudly wear and show off Sydney FC gear!
Comment: Generally the merchandize is pretty tacky. More thought should go into the design of  T- Shirts and caps aside from the Guernsey. Black trucker caps with Sky Blue logo or wording would be a start. I mean Sydney has such a stylish and hip culture and the merchandize is so tacky. You could sell a lot more if you just lifted your game in this area. The SFC logo is so tacky too. Come on you can and should do better. Look at the logos of the Wanderers and even the Roar this year  with their redesign of their logo. Key rings would be good too. Bit only after the redesigned logo. We know longer need the opera House sails or a soccer ball in the logo. What do we stand for as a club? Maybe a shield with a motto on it would serve us better as a logo.
Response: Leading into the 10th season, we looked at possibly redesigning our logo however there was no suitable replacement. As a result we stayed put with the original logo. If there is an improved logo down the track it is something that would be considered.
Comment: If you could offer a cheaper season ticket that doesnt come with all the ‘pack’ crap that would be much better.  You would find a lot of people take the option of doing without the BS keyring and Best N Less cap.  This is not a criticism of you guys, its just few adults want that stuff.
Response: Optional packs is something we could look at however as packs need to be ordered before we go on sale so there is enough time to manufactuer them, this would not result in a cheaper membership.
Comment: Again, greater discounts on merch items.  Even if it is tiered based on years of being a member.
Response: All members receive the same 10 % discount on merchandise. This is the agreement that has been reached with the Stadium Store who look after our merchandise. Loyalty members are recognised as you receive a special members only gift once you hit your 5th and 10th straight year as a member.
Comment: My girlfriend signed up for her membership towards the end of last year. I can understand not getting most of the items in pack that those such as myself received when getting the membership from start of season, but it’s a bit disappointing that a lanyard wasn’t included with her membership. Come on guys what do they cost? 50cents?
Response: Memberships this season exceeded expectations and unfortunately this resulted in a shortage of membership packs. We did re-order and got a pack to everyone who purchased through November, sorry about the delay.

The Cove:
Comment: Do more to support the Cove in their attempts to create a ‘proper’ football game day experience – get the stadium music / mindless noise turned off 10 minutes before kick-off
Response: It is an FFA requirement to have music playing pre game, the only song we select is Hells Bells which is the song the players walk out to.
Comment: Cove member for 6 years. Happy with the club, I don’t cry and bitch when things aren’t going our way. But penalties enforced on fans needs to be done with more discretion. Removing high profile fans from the cove is the easiest way to get our fickle fans to hate the club and the FFA. Punish those who actually light the flares and aim to ruin the experience for the bulk. Also, make the cove 18+ and get rid of all the pain in the arse teenagers. Thank You!
Response: The FFA hand out all the bans and we most definitely do not publicise them. We would love to catch anyone who lights a flare, and if you see anyone doing so, please feel free to point them out to stadium security or police right away. In terms of teenagers in the Cove, we believe they add a lot of vitality as they are the future of our active support.
Comment: I realise the club has worked hard to try and avoid the bans that were recently handed out to two Cove members – but would just like use this space to add that the FFA/SCG Trust ruling is infaira nd innappropriaye and certainly not helpful in trying to esablish football as a major sport in Australia.
Response: The safety of players and staff is paramount, and we agree that pitch invasions must be punished to prevent trouble in the future. Stay in the stands, celebrate with fellow supporters and everyone will be happy.
Comment: The Cove needs more support. I sit in GA but what the SCG Trust has done in removing beloved seats in the middle of our season is poor, closely followed by the FFA banning of the capos. Also, keeping WSW fans out of our GA on derby day is a must. It needs to be strictly enforced as it instantly causes issues.
Response: The nature of General Admission seating is just that. We do encourage Wanderers fans to purchase tickets in the Southern end and we also have a mixed bay where those that are friends who support either team can go and feel safe. Weather the game is here or at Pirtek where Sydney FC fans are seated around Wanderers members, we expect that everyone is treated with respect so that they can enjoy the game.
Comment: Have non set seats in the cove as some people get precious about their seat where it really doesn’t matter
Response: Although we understand that in the active area people do move around, the FFA did announce before the beginning of this season that all supporters in the active area must be members and allocated with a seat.
Comment: Sydney FC needs to lobby FFA for more lenient attitude to active memberships. Stop the FFA from being so bloody draconian, please.
Response: The FFA made this ruling before the start of this season and it has applied to all clubs. We have followed this so far and we feel that the atmosphere which the Cove provides have not been impacted on and has remained great.
Comment: Price is ok. Maybe a bit cheaper for silver, gold or platinum memberships as that’s the reason I currently stay in The Cove as it’s the cheapest without getting a GA membership. Maybe try harder to make sure The Cove member ticked actually get their seats as its sometimes frustrating getting to a game and someone has taken your seat and won’t move
Response: Prices for memberships increase for each category as the position and view of the field improve. The Cove is an active area and we understand that people move around and may not necessarily stick to their seat. If you have any issues on game day feel free to contact stadium staff at the top of your bay.

Comment: Need a proper youth system to build the club, need to have teams from early age and or more involvement in local clubs, also on membership interaction I’ve been a member since day one, with 2 or 3 kids attending never once been asked to have kids as mascot or picked for any member activity, over the ten years, don’t know how you guys pick them but it never got round to us, also don’t bother to suddenly pick our numbers out because the kids are grown up and for the most part have deserted us and now go down the cove
Response: We agree that having youth system is important which is why the club has started on setting up an academy which will hopefully be up and running in a few years. In terms of kids being selected as a mascot, we select Junior members from 5-12 years of age at random. We do try to include as many children as we can to get a go for this experience, however, despite our efforts we cannot accommodate everyone due to large numbers.

Junior/Junior Blues:
Comment: 1. Do more for kids (they are the only reason my family of 7 are platinum members) eg. special items for paying member kids e.g. skill ball, opportunity to meet players, kids on the pitch, kids fan scan on game days. More pre-game clinics. 2. Better range of merchandise – especially for kids and women. e.g. kids sizes  match shorts; women’s style t- shirts, hoodies and rain jackets and kids socks, kids size soccer balls e.g. size 3 and 4    3. Greater representation of women on the Syd FC Board.
Response: All paying junior members that are 12 or under are automatically in the draw to be a player mascot at one of our home games. Before each game at our Junior Blue Zone we have games set up for children to participate in. Junior members do receive a special member’s pack which is different from the adult pack. Members also get a discount for kids to participate in the Holiday clinics.
Comment: This is the first year we have purchased season tickets. We have 4 boys and have supported Sydney since the A League started, but could never afford season tickets. Sydney had 8 years start on the Wanderers and have missed an opportunity to build a Culture. From Day 1, kids tickets should have been free. This would have built a following where the kids would have grown up attending many more games than we actually did attend. As it is my boys don’t mind coming, but they are not as avid followers that my wife and I are. I expect this would be the same for many other families. There is still time to do this although the culture build will still take 10-15 years. Long term strategy is required to build the supporter base you would love to see.
Response: We do have the Junior Blue Membership program which entitles children 12 and under that play football a membership to attend Sydney FC games for free. This initiative is set up to hopefully get children excited to attend and support Sydney FC while they are playing.
Comment: With the free match day travel, the membership is good value Please keep the Junior Blue memberships going as well – this is the reason I bought my one – without them it would be hard to afford to take the family to matches
Response: The Junior Blue program will continue as we recognise it as a great initiative for aspiring young players in our community.
Comment: The Junior Blue Zone is a brilliant initiative.  The kids just love it.  Maybe add an autograph station or participation by non-playing squad members (once you have enough player back from injury of course!)
Response: An autograph station is something that we are trying to introduce, and time to time some of the boys stand around the Junior Blue Zone signing bits and pieces. It is something we are pursuing to implement for next season.
Comment: the free entry for football family kids is a winner!
Response: Thanks, we hope to have more options available next year for the Junior Blues

NYL/W-league/A-league draw:
Comment: Please. A new field for the W league. I stopped attending because Lambeth Park was so uncomfortable and hard to see the game. A higher grandstand would be good.
Response: At this stage Lambert Park is the most suitable ground for most our members, as well as suiting our needs in terms of location and budget. If crowds begin to fill up for our W-League and NYL competitions, we would then look at moving to a better suited ground. For the time being it seems as though Lambert Park will be our home for next season as well.
Comment: More games at an earlier time (17:00 or earlier kick off) to cater for younger kids to attend
Response: Although we do request more family friendly times, we are at the mercy of the FFA. As you can appreciate, most clubs would be putting in similar requests and at the end of the day we must accept what we have been given.
Comment: There are far too many sat night games that do not allow families to attend matches. The last season we won the league there were more Sunday afternoon games and the atmosphere at games was sensational. The no smoking at stadium policy is ridiculous – people are spilling out over Moore park Rd – one day someone may get hit by a car (I understand this is not the club’s responsibility). What ever happened to the Carlsberg sponsorship? Why isn’t there any ice available at the drinks counter? I would have thought an event in summer would require ice for drinks? One time the line to get a drink was very long and the security person said I couldn’t hold a drink in line – it was ridiculous considering I wasn’t anywhere near the front of the line. So I had to skull my drink which I didn’t appreciate doing. Can you explain why I couldn’t hold a drink in line?
Response: Unfortunately we are at the mercy of FFA scheduling. The 3pm spot seems to have disappeared entirely to be replaced by more night games, we are hoping for a better balance next season. Smoking is a government restriction, technically you are supposed to cross the road to be allowed to smoke, the Trust are as lenient as they can be. No ice is unusual, that has not been heard of before. The drink regulation would be an RSA matter, we are happy to forward it on if you wish to make an official complaint.
Comment: More Fri night games, less Sat night
Response: Unfortunately Friday night home games are not great for our Members and fans.
Comment: its great but keep up the Saturday night home matches
Response: We hope the current mix of days stays the same.
Comment: The Club needs to listen to supporters, be fan focused and encourage families with Sat or Sun afternoon Kick Off, rather than late evening kick offs.
Response: We prefer late afternoons also
Comment: All in all it is great value, especially Cove prices but the mid-season break, Games on Sunday, Thursday etc. are really frustrating. Consistent Saturday and Friday games is much more enjoyable(like previous seasons)
Response: Hopefully next season there is no break or mid-week games.
Comment: I would like there to be more double header games. I.E. Youth League and W League games before the A-League games. Gives better exposure for the other teams.
Response: The coaching staff do not enjoy double headers as it does impact the quality of the pitch. The coaching staff prefer to play on the best possible surface. To add to this, we do hope that one day the W-League can stand on its own as a competitive competition.
Comment: Defiantly look to start the women’s or NYC to play before the men’s, would be good for everyone
Response: Not for the teams unfortunately.
Comment: Wish NYL and W League games were on before or preferably after the A League game as a double header.
Response: See above
Comment: FFA and nyl, w-league games at small local inner city venues good. A club centre would be good with academy and member clubhouse.
Response: One day soon we hope.
Comment: More exposure of the w league players
Response: We try! Getting more members at their games is a help.
Comment: Stadium sound is really bad so a lot of the commentator stuff is lost on the crowd (in bay 31 area anyway).   Playing youth league games before A League games would also be great, I’d go to those games, and engagement with youth team by fans will also help build club culture- at the moment the youth are nowhere to be seen really (except newsletters, which are good by the way)
Response: See above

Away Tickets:
Comment: Keep pressure up to have Sydney Derbies (all) at a stadium large enough to allow any one that wants to attend to do so. WSW is selfish to keep at inadequate Pirtek.
Response: Unfortunately away derbies are at the discretion of the home team and are out of our hands. When the away Sydney derby goes on sale, we try to make it easier as we pass on all the information we receive directly to our members. As their stadium has a smaller capacity, we understand tickets will sell out quickly, even with restrictions on ticket numbers.
Comment: ability to get away ticket to WSW games. maybe some sort of away allocation based on away games attendances then length of membership held???
Response: We don’t want to alienate any Members; they are all valuable to us. There is no consensus on who should get first choice, those who have been members longer, those who attend the most games, those who spend the most. At the moment every member has an equal chance.
Comment: I am very happy with my membership in general. I love the free transport to/from games. I know there is little you can do re: away game ticket issuing but that is my only real negative comment.
Response: Thanks, we try our best.
Comment: Asking feedback is a positive so thank you.  I’ve expressed my dissatisfaction on a couple of points in earlier questions – 1. meet and greet finishing up early and 2. farce with obtaining wanderers tickets.