Sydney FC Members honour their late friend

Sydney FC Member Daniel Bligh and his friends have honoured their late friend Andrew “Andy” Khouri by continuing his Sydney FC Membership.

A member of Sydney FC for over five years, Andy sadly passed away from Esophageal Cancer on 8th November 2020.

Andy was a passionate football fan who loved nothing more than going to games with his friends. His best mate Dan recalls Andy attended Sydney FC games regularly and soon committed to becoming a member of the club.

Andy with friends and family at a Sydney FC game.

“Andy has family roots in the Central Coast and our group of friends were all Sydney FC Members. Andrew loved the A-League but hadn’t fully committed to a team.

He kept finding himself at Sydney FC games with us and soon realized that Sydney FC was his club. I still fondly remember a photo he posted on his Facebook of him wearing a Sydney FC jersey as if he had ‘signed’ for the club” explained Dan.

Andy signing for Sydney FC.

“We attended Sydney FC games with Andy and his fiancé Chelsea and a few other friends who were Sydney FC Members.”

“It was a great few years until Andy was diagnosed with cancer. We shared some wonderful moments and one of those was when we saw the team win the championship at Bankwest Stadium against Melbourne City. I knew at the time that Andy was struggling but I’m glad he was able to see that match and I could share that moment with him.”

“That was Andy’s last Sydney FC game before he passed away.”

Andy during Sydney FC’s Grand Final win over Melbourne City in 2020.

“Andy’s personality was fun-loving and he didn’t mind a bit of banter. He had very thick skin and gave as well as he got. Game day was more than just football but a chance for us all to get together and have a laugh, not take ourselves too seriously and even better if we get the win.

“We’ve had a lot of success as a club over the last 6 years and the club has done him proud. Keeping his membership going is only a small gesture, but it’s nice being able to bring friends and family to a game to raise a beer and remember the good times we had with him.”

Sydney FC appreciates and acknowledges this lovely tribute to Andy. Vale Andrew Khouri.