Sydney FC clinics are back

The Sydney FC clinics are taking place this September and October. Book your spot today and meet your favourite Sydney FC A-League and W-League star.

The Sydney FC community clinics are coming to place near you!

For all those budding young boys and girls (aged 5-12 years) who want to learn a thing or two from Sydney FC-s star A-League and W-League players, then these clinics are for you.

Clinics will be conducted at Macquarie, Canterbury and for the first time an all girl W-League clinic in Wollongong.

As well as receiving a Sydney FC shirt, socks, shorts, certificate and a Sydney FC show bag the kids will get to meet some their favourite Sydney FC stars and receive expert coaching advice.

Macquarie clinic:
Monday 27 September – Wednesday 29 September (9am-12noon) $195

Canterbury clinic:
Tuesday 5 October – Thursday 7 October (9am-12noon) $195

Wollongong clinic:
Tuesday 5 October – Thursday 7 October (9am-12noon) $150

To attend the Macquarie clinic click here.

To attend the Wollongong clinic click here.

To attend the Canterbury clinic click here.

The locations of the Canterbury and Wollongong clinics are yet to be confirmed. Keep your eye on the website for updates.