Spotlight On: Sam McIllhatton


Get to know more about young Sky Blues midfielder Sam McIllhatton with Sydney FC’s PS4 NPL NSW U20 team set to contest their Major Semi Final on Saturday.



Three people you’d invite over for a party:

Lionel Messi, Iniesta and Kevn Hart.       

Worst habit:

Biting my lip.

Coffee order:

Chai Latte.

Favourite colour:



*McIllhatton (second left) with the U20 NPL 2 Champions trophy. Photo by Corina Dodovski

Can you cook – what’s your specialty:

I live by myself so I cook a bit. My go to is a nice salad and pasta.

Ideal holiday:

Europe somewhere during winter.

Most used emoji:

The smiley face.

Biggest inspiration and why:

My family, they’ve got me this far in my footballing career and continue to push me.

Describe your game day routine:

I like to eat pasta before the game and then just before I head out onto the pitch I have a banana.