Spotlight On: Lisa De Vanna


Get to know more about our latest Westfield W-League signing, and Matildas all-time leading goalscorer, Lisa De Vanna.


De Vanna.

Three people you’d invite over for a party:

Judge Judy, Eminem, and my Dad.

Worst habit:

It’d have to be my potty mouth.

Coffee order:

I’m not a big coffee person so I don’t have one.

Favourite colour:


Can you cook – what’s your specialty:

I can cook, but my favourite meal, which I don’t cook, is Chicken Kiev.

De Vanna 1

Ideal holiday:

I don’t have a particular place, but because I travel a lot it’s not where I go it’s who I go with where I feel I have the best time.

Most used emoji:

The reptile lizard and the snake.   

Biggest inspiration and why:

A lady called Rose who I’ve known since I was 12 years old. She’s been a mentor throughout my football career and it’s always nice to have someone who’ll have your back through the good and bad times, she’s always been there for me.

Also the person I idolise in the football world and who I’ve always looked up to, Romario from the Brazilian national team. He’s been my favourite player and the reason I wear number 11.

Describe your game day routine:

I’ll get up and have French Toast, then I’ll go for a walk with a close friend, come back listen to some music and watch a movie to calm myself down before watching clips of great goals in football and listen to more music before I go and get focused for a game. Before I get on the bus I’ll always have a shower and focus myself in the mirror for a few minutes to get in the right mindset.


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