Spotlight On: Cristian Gonzalez


Ahead of Sunday’s away clash against Blacktown City FC, get to know young PS4 NPL NSW star Cristian Gonzalez.




Three people you’d invite over for a party:

Messi, Maradona, and Iniesta

Worst habit:

I don’t know actually, probably just cracking my knuckles

Coffee order:

Regular Cappuccino

Favourite colour:


Can you cook – what’s your specialty:

I can cook relatively well, my specialty is probably a pasta or chicken schnitzel

Ideal holiday:

Going to Europe somewhere, a nice long trip all over

Most used emoji:

The wink face

Biggest inspiration and why:

My family because they’ve always been there to support me, so everytime I want to achieve something I have them to thank. They always inspire me to do my best

Describe your game day routine:

Wake up and go for a walk with the dog, come home and have a large plate of pasta, get ready to go and make my way to the game with a bit of music going in the car