Sky Blues Man The Phones


With no games to play this week, the Sydney FC Hyundai A-League squad commenced their Membership drive as they spent time in the office calling past Members and fans.

Manning the phones for one hour on Monday and Wednesday night the players were able to sign up twelve new Sydney FC 2015/16 Members, setting the bar for the weeks ahead.

Cousins Jacques Faty and Mickael Tavares kicked off the telemarketing campaign on Monday, and after finding their fair share of answering machines the pair were able to sign up five Members between them to get the ball rolling.

“It was a pleasure to call the Members and I’m happy because a lot of the people I called they had already signed up and maybe one or two more renewed too,” Jacques Faty said.

“I can see a lot of fans are happy about how we went last season and now they’re coming back this season to be behind and support us and I’m very happy about that. I hope we will give them good entertainment.”

Wednesday night saw Robert Stambolziev and Ali Abbas working in our Membership department, and with the phones ringing off the hook the pair were able to sign up a further seven Members with Ali Abbas proving particularly popular, signing up five alone.

Holding the record for week one Ali Abbas will hoping the next pair don’t overtake him as new boys Branding O’Neill and Zac Anderson take to the phones on Tuesday 8 September from 6pm until 7pm.

Sydney FC Membership Telemarketing Tally:

Jacques Faty: 1

Robert Stambolziev: 2

Mickael Tavares: 4

Ali Abbas: 5

Sydney FC Memberships are now on sale for the Hyundai A-League season 2015/16.   Click HERE to become part of the Sky Blues family