Sky Blues And Arsenal Fans Together


With the Members only Arsenal tickets pre-sale kicking off tomorrow, we caught up with Sydney FC Members who also follow Arsenal to get their take on the massive clash against the EPL giants at ANZ Stadium.


How long have you supported Arsenal and Sydney FC?

Keith Dawson: I started following Arsenal when I was 15, so that was 1995 and Sydney FC since the A-League started.

Graeme Cramb: I’ve supported Arsenal for 46 years and Sydney FC, we’ve been going to games since day one and became Members in year two.

John Larkin: Arsenal, I was born that way. I’m too old to have supported Sydney FC since birth but we’ve been Members for the last three or four years.

How much are you looking forward to Arsenal coming to Sydney?

KD: Very much, we went and saw the Tottenham game last year just because it was Sydney FC playing a Premier League club but Arsenal is a bit more closer to my heart so I’m looking forward to seeing my two clubs play.

GC: The biggest dream I have is to get to Emirates and see them there but the second biggest one is to actually see them here in the flesh. They were in Melbourne 40 years ago and I couldn’t afford to go then so I’m very very much looking forward to it.

JL: Looking forward to it. Hopefully we get decent seats so we can see the players.

How will you cheer on both teams? Who do you want to win more?

KD: It’s a friendly so the result doesn’t matter but ever since Sydney FC has been formed I’ve said that’s my team that’s my city and even though I’ve supported Arsenal longer I’ve never been to London so I’ll be cheering for Sydney FC.

GC: I don’t mind what the result is, a draw would be good, just as long as Arsenal thrash the Wanderers I’m happy.

JL: I’ll be going for Arsenal but my daughter will be going for Sydney.

What sort of match are you hoping for?

KD: Attacking football a few goals and I just hope it’s a competitive game.

GC: I just want to see the star players, I don’t want to see fringe players and if it’s like the Chelsea game I’ll be more than happy.

JL: Being pre-season I’m not expecting too much, just looking forward to the game.

The pre-sale starts tomorrow, how quickly will you be purchasing your tickets?

KD: I’ve been trying to make a plan with my mates about who’s going to get how many tickets and where we’re sitting, all that sort of stuff. I’m going to be trying to log on first thing.

GC: I’m all organised, we’re in the Invincibles section for both games. 

JL: As quick as I can. 


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