Quick Catch Up: Anton Mlinaric


Fresh from signing for Croatian Champions Dinamo Zagreb on loan, we caught up with youngster Anton Mlinaric to get his thoughts on the move.

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What does it feel like to be signing on loan for Dinamo Zagreb?

It is a huge honour to go on loan to Dinamo Zagreb, especially when a lot of my family is from Croatia. It feels surreal to get this amazing opportunity at such a young age. To make my family and friends proud always makes it feel even better. The hard work continues and I look forward to the challenge.

What do you hope to achieve?

I hope to learn and grow immensely as a player and person every day. Dinamo Zagreb provides the perfect environment for me to do so. I hope to push through to the first team and play as many minutes as possible. Being able to train and play for such a big club in Europe, especially when it comes to youth development will help me achieve my dream of being a top footballer.

How has your development with Sydney FC led to you receiving this opportunity?

Developing at Sydney FC since I was 14 is a major part to receiving this opportunity.

The club helped me to learn and express myself each and every time I stepped onto the pitch, while creating a professional environment that no other a league club can provide. To develop at the biggest club in Australia has taught me to be a winner and to push through everything. This is one of many opportunities Sydney FC have given me.

What has the key been to your development with Sydney FC?

The key has been the consistent hard work and love for the game. The Sydney FC culture sets you up to be the best player and person you can be. Everyone wants to win and be the best at all costs.

Who have you learned from at Sydney FC and anyone you’d like to thank?

I’ve learned from everyone at Sydney. Everyone wants you to get better and improve, as it helps the team grow and perform every day. Wilko and Gowser have been huge role models for me aswell. To have such experienced and respected centre backs to look up to and learn from everyday has helped me a lot. I would like to thank Steve, Danny, Reidy and the club for giving me this opportunity to play in for Dinamo Zagreb. I would also like to thank all the players and staff for pushing me everyday

Good luck for the rest of the season. You guys are gonna kill it



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