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Dec 22, 2021   |  10:54AM AET

New Sydney FC Stadium Benefitting From Local Business

New Sydney FC Stadium Benefitting From Local Business

When Sydney FC’s new state of the art home stadium is unveiled to the world next year, it will be in no small part thanks to the work of a large number of Sydney and New South Wales workers and local business.

NSW Government recently announced that construction of the stadium had reached 80% completion while over $480 million of work had been generated for local businesses.

During construction, over 1100 jobs have been created on the building site with an estimated 600 jobs to be available on game days once complete.

As the Stadium reaches its final chapter in closing out construction, here’s a look at some of the local businesses behind the development of the new Sydney Football Stadium.

SFS Artist impression

Fredon, a Western Sydney business for more than 50 years is responsible for installing all electrical cabling, high and low voltage, and all the lighting of the new stadium. More than 50% of Fredon’s staff are from the Sydney region and over $5 million has been injected into sub-contractors and suppliers within Sydney.

S and L Steel based in Glendenning have fabricated and installed the steel roof of the Stadium. Over 150 employees have helped build it over a 14 month period. S and L Steel Director Pablo Santo is looking forward to fans seeing the new roof when the stadium is complete.

SFS Artist Impression of Kippax Lake

“All of the people that come to see games here will be very impressed with the way it looks and its structure,” said Santo

Evergreen Turf who are based in Pitt Town is responsible for laying the turf of the new Sydney Football Stadium. They employ over 150 employees to work on growing two fields of play which consists of over 10,000 square metres of instant play grass.

Managing Director of Evergreen Turf Graeme Collis says that once the turf is laid it will be almost instantly possible to play on it.

“We can put down the turf in the morning and it would be ready to play on in the afternoon.

“We’re very aware of all the different codes that will play here at the new stadium and we have two fields set aside so if we need to replace the field we can come in and do it almost overnight.”

The Stadium is set for completion in September 2022.