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We would like to thank you for completing our recent survey. A lot of Members took the time to give us their feedback, and in continuing the perception of great customer service that you expressed, we have taken the time to respond to every comment.

Dear Members,

We would like to thank you for completing our recent survey. A lot of Members took the time to give us their feedback, and in recognition of our great customer service that you expressed, we have taken the time to respond to every comment.

Because the survey does not give us your personal details, we are unable to respond directly to you, but check out the list of questions here, and find your corresponding answer underneath all the comments from that survey question.

Please feel free to call us on 02 8314 5100 or email us at with any further feedback.

Only 2.4% of respondents thought our service was less than adequate, we hope to make that a lot less in future!

Kind Regards,
Sydney FC Membership Department.

How do you feel about the overall Membership value?
Answer Options Response Percent Response Count
Excellent 34.4% 235
Satisfactory 48.8% 333
Adequate 13.9% 95
Unsatisfactory 2.2% 15
Poor 0.7% 5
Comments 84 84
answered question 683 683

1 i loved that free public transport was included.
2 members need to feel more valued! a lot of the time we didnt even feel important. eg the wave yourhat comp shoukd be done on members/tunnel side
3 Only improvement would be in relation to access for away derby tickets (though I realise there’s not much SFC can do, having no control over matches at Parramatta). Perhaps lobbying FFA / WSW to have an initial “1 ticket per member” period for SFC fans would be benficial, as under this years arrangements many loyal members missed out. The latest “4 tickets per member” limit saw tickets snapped up very quickly, and in many instances going to 1 actual member and 3 of his “part-timer” mates. Enabling better access for actual members will naturally help improve the value of a membership, and provide an additional reason for people to sign up 🙂
4 membership kits are terrible
5 Their should be better seats available for general admission.
6 I know I am not a Platinum, but i choose Bronze so I can go with different people each week etc. However I have been a member since day 1 and not once have i heard from the club.
7 But please get in the top 6 this year. We’re a big city and our attention fades when its anything other than ‘a fairy story’
8 not happy with where the team finished
9 As A bronze member, I don’t like the fact that when a big crowd is expected, my section becomes silver reserved. That’s why I buy a season membership so that I can sit there. I also don’t like it that people who are not bronze members sit in our area because nobody checks.
10 maybe a few more member benefits like a fun day again to meet all the players. maybe a draw everyweek for a member and family to go back and meet players??
11 As above
12 The team has not been a quality team for some time
13 I sit undercover – so it is excellent but would be better if priced competitively to fill the area!
14 Not much perceived value outside of the ticket and transport. Small discount off merchandise is irrelevant if prices are so high to start with.
15 fan days for all members only, more player/junior members interaction
16 cheaper away tickets as i travel to away games
17 See comment above.
18 There should probably be more valuable extras in order to entice people to become members
19 refer point 9
20 Sick of non Members sitting in inchecked in Members seating/areas.
21 Should be more discounted and cheaper for allocated seating
22 Key rings would be good.
23 All good apart from on field performance
24 Not enough access to players and marquee signings for Premier Citizens. Most people even non members have equal access to the players and marquees. It seems that member or not you get the same treatment and exposure to players
25 There isn’t much exclusive offers for the members in terms of player access
26 Liked the hat and lanyard. Could add car sticker.
27 i want a keyring!
28 More merch and goodies in the members pack would be a nice bonus
29 The family membership is excellent value and the payment installments make it easy to purchase.
30 Could be more team interaction with fans
31 When I see non-reserved members sitting in reserved seating, I question why I pay a premium
32 Get to see all the matches from my selected seat, get some cool members only merchandise. overall good package.
33 The old ‘solid’ keyring & that came with membership were good. You actually use them.
34 Some of the gear you get with it is not great. Maybe offer a proper backpack.
35 As discussed on the forum, the Membership word should be better used. We had a major improvement, but as far as I can see, still a “package” of game tickets.
36 Member pack is below par compared to rest of aleague clubs.
37 Free public transport was a real winner! Please keep it next season.
38 Supporter pack should have more merchandise like cheap shirts and stickers that can be handed out to friends and children, giving the brand more exposure as well as rewarding loyal members
39 Would be good if parking was discounted for members or bring back the cheaper rate for more passengers in the car.
40 visited Australia this season and went to 3 home games
41 A few times throughout the year,we had away fans sitting with us in what we thought were members only seats
42 Public transport included is excellent
43 Doesn’t feel value for money
44 This seasons packs was of poor quality.
45 Should be more benefits, long serving members should receive extra discounts on season passes
46 I feel the team let members down this year (apart from ADP), it seemed to be under prepared and never caught up all season… The club never seems to talk about culture or systems of play.
47 Maybe a deal that includes parking in Moore Park would be good.
48 More ticket specials.
49 over time the packs have been poor
50 Wanderers offer more
51 Parking in members allocated/preferred area would be nice. Parking expensive for a “dust bowl”
52 I was only a member for a few the summer pack. A 5match, 8match & full membership should be offered. Also SFC has the access of a $0K plus stadium so allowing members the options to choose the 8 games they wish to attend would also be handy, especially in the cat c seats where they are non allocated.
53 You get some great extra benefits which is awesome
54 More should be done for members in bays 12 & 13 they pay the premium prices
55 I was very happy with the new travel arrangements
56 transport included is a great bonus
57 There needs to be members only event after each game. Awards to the POTM.
58 If prices stay the same I’ll move up in my membership pack for better seats – think my friends might too.
59 Foundation & Platinum members should get more recognition for their commitment
60 Sometimes I miss out on some of the benefits of the Membership because I live so far away, however that would never stop me from buying one.
61 As general admission we were promised seating in certain bays, these then became reserved for the entire season
62 value = team performance
63 As above
64 Great value if you know your going to make it to most games and free public transport is great.
65 there should be more giveaways not just a hat
66 For the amount and the quality of the football viewed, and also the non game value, I have no problem paying the amount for membership, very reasonable.
67 The membership pack was EXTREMELY poor this year. The packet the previous year was excellent and the scarf inside was beautiful.
68 Happy to pay.
69 Would be good to have more “exclusive” benefits
70 I don’t know what took me so long
71 I think you could offer members more inc. value on game to promote and encourage fan participation
72 Price wise its quite good. I drive, dont use public transport, so perhaps a discounted rate at the car park for members? The hat and fridge magnet are handy 🙂
73 Some posters in the packs would be nice
74 The only problem is parking – your rates are fine.
75 Compare what Wanderesare doing with options and enagagment – free reading materials etc
76 Except for the actual tickets, the concession offerings could go further.
77 I hate having to pickup gear at the ground, should be sent out, and I would prefer that my member card is loaded with $$ for discount spend at the store.
78 Again I am well satisfied
79 Good. But not enough outside the usual.
80 Good value
81 more should be done for platinium members
82 More tickets for Syndey FC are required for the Sydney derby matches.
83 Could we have more than 1 W-League game played before the boys? Last season’s champions need 2 be seen by more members so their skill can be appreciated more ,we as a club can support them & get to know them as well as promote young girls playing football. Last season they were our shining light
84 Because Del Piero played most home games

1 And it will be again this season. We are hoping to add trains and private buses, subjuect to NSW government agreements
2 We do move the competition around to each side of the stadium, so keep waving your cap!
3 We are talking to WSW about trying to get more tickets into our Members hands, but it is their game so we have to respect their wishes on how it is sold.
4 We try to put added value into the membership, we are sorry you are not happy.
5 General Admission seats are kept low because they are the corner seats, but we also need to pay our bills so we need to charge more for the prime seats. We try to keep the balance as best we can. We also fit less people into General Admission bays, because people leave single seat gaps, so we cannot sell all available seats.
6 You can purchase a bronze membership and upgrade to a better seat, by yourself or with friends, and only pay the difference between a bronze and reserved seat, through Ticketek online. We communicate to members every week during the season through our Member emails, contact us if you are not subscribed
7 We want to be top every year, but the Membership Department can only help so far.
8 See Q 7
9 We try to keep the balance as best we can. We fit less people into General Admission bays, because people leave single seat gaps, so we cannot sell all available seats. You can upgrade to a reserved seat, by yourself or with friends, and only pay the difference between a bronze and reserved seat, through Ticketek Online. We will also be introducing a Members gate, with Members allowed in 10 minutes before ticket holders to secure the best GA seats
10 Thanks for your suggestions, we will think more on theses
12 See Q 7
13 You must be East side. A lot of people avoid that because of the sun, but we do review each year to see if we should change, but no plans to change for this year yet.
14 We try to add extra member benefits through our partners, do please check our emails and member benefits page on our website for great offers.
15 We have fan days to try to pursuade people to become Members, we do not wish to be too exclusive. Members only events have been poorly attended in the past.
16 Away tickets are at the control of the home club. We have been able to offer Members tickets for Wellington and Perth, keep an eye on Member emails if you are travelling to those games
18 Extra merchandise items are limited as we have kept our Membership prices low, we try to put our value onto the field.
20 Stadium staff are instructed to remove people in reserved seats, please see the staff at the top of each bay.
21 A season Membership is a discount of 25-50% (depending on category and type) as well as all the Member benefits.
22 We are considering key rings again in the near future.
23 See Q 7
24 The exclusive Premier Citizens lunches were well received, we hope to add more events next season.
25 Member events in the past were not well attended, but players are always available at training and visiting the community. Keep an eye on our calender for community visits when the players return from holidays
26 We are hoping to add stickers again this season, we should know by next week.
27 See Q 22
28 See Q 18
29 Thank you. This year we have eliminated the transaction fees, so instalments are even better value
30 See Q 25
31 See Q 20
32 Thank you.
33 See Q 22
34 See Q 18
35 See Q 18
36 See Q 18
37 See Q 1
38 See Q 18
39 We have discussed the parking price, but the Centennial Park Trust are not flexible on prices. We hope our members use the free transport instead.
40 Fantastic, thank you for your support!
41 Some members of our club are also members of other clubs, or it could be the seats near you are not taken by members but are available for general sale. Without know your details I cannot confirm either way, but you can speak to us about it.
42 Thank you.
43 See Q 18
44 We are sorry you feel that way, but please see Q 18
45 We have looked at extras for long members, we hope to have some things for our 10th season.
46 Hopefully with the stability of the coaching staff we will see more information for this season. Keep an eye on our weekly newsletters for messages from the coach.
47 See Q 39
48 We try not to discount tickets, as they are not only a large source of our income but discounts/freebies do not always lead to people returning. We hope that more wins are better than too many ticket specials. We also do not like to discount tickets to lower than members pay, as this devalues membership.
49 See Q 18
50 We try not to compare ourselves until both clubs are have the same ownership structure.
51 See Q 39
52 We do not feel it is best to offer part season memberships at this time, it tends to lead to a drop in memberships. We review this each season however.
53 Thank you.
54 We try to offer the best value for all our Members, as we feel they are all valuable.
55 Thank you.
56 Thank you.
57 See Q 25
58 We have not raised prices for the last 2 seasons besides the $5 increase for the Public Transport Inclusion, so there is a very reasonable price rise this season for most areas.
59 We have looked at extras for long time members, we hope to have some things for our 10th season.
60 We don-t know how far away you live, but the free transport covers a very large discount, a great benefit that can save up to $30 per person on game day.
61 We apologised a the time, and again that we did not communicate our change as well as we should have. We offered affected members a special seating upgrade, and we have kept our Silver pricing low for people who wish to upgrade this season.
62 See Q 7
64 Thank you. If you are unable to make a game, someone else can use your card, as long as they are equal (i.e. Child for Child, Concession for Concession)
65 See Q 18
66 Great to hear.
67 See Q 18
68 Great to hear.
69 We are always working on adding benefits to Members.
70 Great to have you on board!
71 As stated, the discount is between 25% and 50% on tickets, and we try to add extra benefits where we can.
72 see Q 39, but thanks for your other praise.
73 Posters are generally done late in the season, once the entire squad is settled. We then give them away at the fan days or last pre-season games. A poster would be too big for our current member packs.
74 See Q 39
75 We are looking at match day program options for next season
76 Not sure what you mean by concession offerings, but if it relates to prices inside the stadium, we have no control.
77 We are reviewing mailing all membership packs. Interesting idea regarding the member card.
78 Thank you.
79 Unfortunately outside the usual is expensive, but we certainly hope to add more benefits whenever we can.
80 Thank you.
81 See Q 54
82 See Q 3
83 The W-League team is a valued part of the club, but they also are proud to be able to draw a crowd on their own. Your Membership gives you free entry to all their games, so it will be great if you can come see them as well.
84 He is a great player, we hope all new members stay long after he finishes playing for Sydney FC.

How do you feel about the non game value (e.g. free public transport, ticket and merchandise discounts)?
Answer Options Response Percent Response Count
Excellent 52.2% 353
Satisfactory 34.0% 230
Adequate 10.9% 74
Unsatisfactory 2.1% 14
Poor 0.7% 5
Comments 138 138
answered question 676 676

1 Lot of rail work on match days, no trains.
2 free public transport doesn’t help us but a discount in the carpark would- $5 off maybe??
3 Great initiative by Sydney FC to incorporate transport into pre-paid tickets and making it affordable; really did the code proud.
4 Merchandise discounts encouraged my family to purchase more items at games.
5 I don’t actually use it but sound good.
6 Public transport is a great inclusion
7 Not having to purchase train tickets takes an extra hassle out of the match day experience
8 Hills bus service still charges the fare
9 Free transport a plus, but I drive in and have to pay 100% parking. Would like the club to try and offer more than basic value that other codes don’t offer to entice more fans
10 This is good esp. the transport
11 Where’s the face painting gone?
12 The recent inclusion of public transport is welcome but the discounts offered members is lacking.
13 the free public transport is great idea
14 have not used but good idea
15 PARKING! Your other merchandise discounts/public transport – GOOD
16 Free public transport is excellent!! Much more likely to buy as a result
17 free public transport is by far the best initiative undertaken. Member discount benefits have been handy too.
18 bigger discount on extra tickets would be great – cos you end up paying heaps on the vendor loading, the discount is hardly worth it
19 Should get better discount on merchandise
20 The inclusion of public transport in the ticket/membership price is appreciated and the vouchers are great.
21 The non game additions are much appreciated.
22 I prefer to drive in with my family.
23 I love the free public transport (particularly the bus service from Central to stadium). I thought the bumper sticker design was not that good (prefer one that made Sydney FC more prominent like the Rabbitohs one). I didn’t really wear the hat, but it was definitely better than the scarf they included last season (would have preferred the wool scarf)
24 The free public transport has been a revelation to many fans who used to drive to games. I hope this initiative continues as it makes the whole gameday experience so enjoyable.
25 It is a brilliant idea, gets more people, even non-fans to come to the games and more people wearing sky blue!!
26 Discount for extra tickets could be improved especially as it is wiped out if you purchase on-line
27 Public transport inclusion is great.
28 Free Public Transport = Win.
29 Really like I can park the scooter for free.
30 Value in ticket is enough for me
31 Transport is great, a %10 discount on tickets though really only save you a couple of dollars enerally.
32 Free transport good idea.
33 I am content as a member. However, when I try to recruit more members, they complain about the cost.
34 Especially the Public Transport Discounts, although it would be nice if it included NSW Away games (WSW CCM Jets) aswell.
35 Free public transport was fantastic. This must be kept in the future. Getting to games was easy and hassle free.
36 Free buses. Brilliant!!! Merchandise very expensive
37 Free public transport is Excellent!! A must have
38 makes it more affordable to get to the games
39 More info required about free public transport
40 membership packs are lacking in overall quality
41 I enjoyed access to public transport but wish the same offer was available for the derby and perhaps Central Coast away games
42 LOVE the free public transport
43 Free public transport was a great initiative
44 Would be nice to see a few more inclusions
45 The free public transport inclusion was a great idea
46 Maybe a bit more of a discount of SFC items would be great!
47 I generally drive and parking is pricey.
48 Would it be possible to opt out of the transport offer and make a saving
49 Free public transport was a great idea. Well done.
50 Free public transport was great to offer and was a step in the right direction. I drive most games now anyway, but the thought i could get in for free is great.
51 I don’t use public transport to get to the games so It’s a waste for me. The free public transport made the items we receive in the pack much less compared to the previous year.
52 Free public transport s good
53 Could offer better merch discounts as you can get things cheaper when on sale in a sports store.
54 Don’t use as senior ticket on transport!!
55 I dont use public transport
56 greater discount on merchandise would be even better
57 The addition of public transport this season was fantastic
58 I think the discount for extra tickets could be better or a one off like the free ticket for one game deal.
59 Possibly higher discounts on merch
60 Free public transport deal was the best thing the club have done for members
61 I hope all other clubs take that on board too.
62 LOVE the free transport! Thank you!
63 Absolute top work here.
64 Better Car Parking Facilities
65 Many bus drivers are unaware about free transport
66 possible discount parking
67 Don’t use public transport
68 free public transport is excellent.
69 public transport is a brilliant innovation.
70 Quite good, but there should be more incentive for members to bring groups of friends along. Ticket discounts basically only cover the ticketek fee. Extra discount for the last Mariners home game went down well and I was able to convince a group of friends to attend their first Sydney FC match. Discounted parking across the road or at Fox Studios would be very welcome as public transport is not convenient for my family and friends.
71 Don’t benefit from free transport as drive but it is great value for those who do.
72 public transport is great initiative, merchandise discounts would make me spend more, free tickets for members may encourage more friends to come
73 I thought the free travel was good. Especially as we would travel from Newcastle for the games.
74 Free public transport is great. Merchandise could be subsidised more to get more people in team colours at games
75 including public transport was a great idea
76 members should be receiving a scarf
77 Free public transport is the best thing the club has ever done. Brilliant move (and something I suggested at the end of last season! So yay for listening to members!))
78 the inclusion of free transport is a great idea.
79 Could be more discount in syd fc store for merch
80 Transport, excellent, tickets about right, merchandise a little pricey compared with what I can get from the UK including postage, drinks and food an absolute rip off!!!
81 I don’t really use it
82 I used public transport for nearly every home game this season, so i think it is a great initiative, however often at the stations the city rail staff had no idea about the free transport and i had to argue a couple of times. Perhaps more should be done to inform city rail staff and or advertise in the train stations.
83 so good to have free public transportation
84 Liked the merchandise discount
85 Ticket discounts could be a little higher, 15-20% maybe.
86 Free transport is very very good.
87 Excellent, however I would prefer if I was able to use my discount online as I don’t live near the city therefore buying merchandise at the ground is difficult for me as I never leave myself enough time prior to KO on game day.
88 this year we travelled by pt to almost all games. much better experience
89 Public transport is fantastic
90 Free public transport is a definite plus
91 My local bus to get to the station isn’t included in the ticket so we usually drive in.
92 Only excellent because of the free transport
93 public transport is not applicable merchandise is good
94 if we loved where public transport could get us home again it would be excellent value
95 I live on the Northern Beaches and the transport is of little value due to the total time due to he connections in the city so I drive
96 i come from western sydney. with the new lot here it would be nice to have local transpot on board with free transport
97 Really happy with the free public transport
98 Public transport a great addition this year
99 The public transport doesn’t help me travelling from Wollongong.
100 Transport a great addition!!!
101 Free public transport is fantastic
102 Free transport is brilliant.
103 free public transport is goo but need to add the light rail
104 Public transport deal is amazing!
105 The public transport was a nice touch. Unfortunately though, for a lot of people who work in the city, it is wasted because we already buy a weekly train ticket to the city anyway.
106 I don’t really take advantage of these items – personally I’d rather see better prices on stadium food.
107 public transport for free was great
108 10% discount on merch isn’t really that good. Ticket discounts get eaten up by ticketed fees
109 The free public transport was a key factor in becoming a member
110 Love the free public transport- very useful. .
111 better merchandise and ticket discount
112 Would like to see preferental treatment for new merchandise when it comes out.
113 Very limited value- I drive to the games.
114 Free public transport is a fantastic initiative
115 See above comment, however free transport is a very good initiative and a great selling point.
116 Nothing to ride home about – still hits the back pocket with tolls, parking for those driving in
117 Keep the free public transport, maybe consider a one off free ticket to bring a friend to a game.
118 larger merchandise discounts would be appropriate
119 i was very happy with that this year
120 Free transport is excellent and the merch discounts are good/could be better rewards for members.
121 would like to see parking at fox studios covered
122 Free public transport is an absolute winner. A discount on finals tickets (in addition to priority) would be nice.
123 Specifically the public transport was a good addition
124 bigger discounts on merchandise
125 I don’t think too much about it. But the hat and badge package seemed a bit concessionary and cased in excessive plastic. Try to be a bit more environmental
126 Too difficult and lengthy to use Public Transport from outside the normal bus routes
127 don’t use at all
128 Price is not the issue (if anything it could be more expensive). Extra incentives such as early ticket purchase and discounts preferred.
129 Doesnt make much difference to me
130 The free public transport this year was AMAZING. Thank you!!
131 I do not use it
132 We travel by private bus from Hornsby to all home games
133 Parking costs
134 Transport is great, other benefits minimal
135 Top marks for the public transport. big fan.
136 Who cares about free public transport when i dont use it….
137 merchandise too expensive
138 I dont use public transport…we drive

1 Out of our control, but we plan to let cityrail know well in advance of the draw, to try and minimise disruptions.
2 We have discussed the parking price, but the Centennial Park Trust are not flexible on prices. We hope our members use the free transport instead.
3 Thank you, the first club in Sydney to offer for every home game. We noticed others followed us!
4 Great to see you all in Sky Blue!
5 Thank you.
6 Thank you.
7 Great, thank you.
8 We are hoping to add trams and private buses, subjuect to NSW government agreements
9 We consider all suggestions, please send us an email on your ideas.
10 Thank you.
11 Facepainting was there every game last season. Sometimes it moves inside the gates next to the jumping castle if there is no room in the forecourt.
12 While we review the current offers each year, the 10% (which we did not have 2 years ago) is still the best we can currently offer.
13 Thank you.
14 Thank you.
15 See Q 2
16 Thank you.
17 Thank you.
18 At the moment the 10% is the best we can offer, and unfortunately we have no choice in the Ticketek fees charged, sorry.
19 See Q 12
20 Thank you.
21 Great, thank you.
22 You have the option of driving part way then switching to bus, the option is always available.
23 Thanks for your suggestions.
24 Thank you.
25 Thank you.
26 We so understand, we will be reviewing discounts each year to see if we can improve.
27 Thank you.
28 Thank you.
29 Great to hear!
30 Thank you.
31 See Q 26
32 Thank you.
33 Season Membership starts at less than $14 for adults per game, under $9 per family member per game. Add to that free transport, we think it is a pretty good price when you throw in other benefits on top.
34 That is up to the home club, hopefully they follow in our footsteps one day!
35 Great to hear!
36 We have different types of Merchandise at different price levels, although our official 12/13 Jerseys are down to $65 right now!
37 Thank you.
38 Thank you.
39 Specific: We include travel information in the emails before each game, including a link to the webpage with specific travel information. General: Sydney Ferrys and Trains, as well as state buses and the Moore Park shuttle bus to and from Central Station, are all free on game days for Members and Ticket Holders. Range is Newcastle in the North, Bathurst in the West and Kiama in the South. Contact us if you have further questions.
40 Sorry you feel that way, we try to keep the prices affordable while offering the best value we can.
41 WSW followed us and added free transport for their home games, check your tickets when you purchase. Central Coast and Newcastle do not currently offer.
42 Thank you.
43 Thank you.
44 Feel free to email us your ideas, but keep in mind if it costs us we have to charge more!
45 Thank you.
46 See Q 12
47 See Q 2
48 Parking and getting to and from the games was the number one complaint for the first 7 years, we felt it was necessary to address. Since it only added $5 per member, if you use it just once you have covered the extra it cost you.
49 Thank you.
50 Thank you.
51 See Q 48
52 Thank you.
53 Our Merchandise person could answer that better, unfortunatly he is on holidays.
54 Do seniors already get free transport? That is news to me. However the Moore Park shuttle was previously $5 for everyone I thought, so that is a $65 saving per year.
55 The option is always available, and it only cost $5 per member for the whole year!
56 See Q 12
57 Thank you.
58 We only introduced the 10% 2 years ago, so we will review. The free ticket is not easy to arrange, and past studies show it did little to attract new fans.
59 See Q 53
60 Great to hear!
61 So do we! One rambunctious neighbour followed us, and Perth and Brisbane already did. Hopefully others in NSW will come on board.
62 No, thank you for being a Member!
63 Thank you.
64 The government have some long range plans for parking, however it is out of our control, which is why we went with the free public transport instead.
65 It is clearly printed on every ticket and membership card, and the drivers are informed when they start their shift, but maybe they have other things on their mind. If it is a regular occurance, maybe print out the webpage and take it with you.
66 See Q 2.
67 See Q 55
68 Thank you.
69 Thank you.
70 We do hope to schedule another game next season with a great incentive to bring friends, we hope to give Members plenty of notice.
71 Thank you.
72 Thanks, we are unlikely to do free tickets again but we hope to have some great specials for Members.
73 Glad you got the benefits, thank you.
74 See Q 36
75 Thank you.
76 Extra merchandise items are limited as we have kept our Membership prices low, we try to put our value onto the field.
77 Parking and getting to and from the games was the number one complaint for the first 7 years, so we addressed this major issue the best we could.
78 Thank you.
79 See Q 12
80 We know UK merch is cheaper, but that is a volume thing. Once we have 10 times the number of fans, we hope our prices will be similar. Food and drinks inside the stadium is set by the Trust, unfortunately we have not been able to introduce a special for Members.
81 See Q 55
82 See Q 65
83 Great to hear!
84 Thank you.
85 See Q 26
86 Thank you.
87 The Member discount is available online, check the Member Merchandise emails when they come through. Contact the membership department if you think you were not receving these emails.
88 Great to hear!
89 Thank you.
90 Thank you.
91 See Q 8
92 Thank you.
93 Thank you.
94 lived? With the latest finish 9.30pm, I would think you should be able to get anywhere by midnight when services start winding down.
95 The option is always available, and it only cost $5 per member for the whole year! Don-t forget the free Moore Park shuttle bus from Central saves walking.
96 The only exclusions in that area are private buses, but I believe the NSW government is working on them for this season.
97 Thank you.
98 Thank you.
99 Why not? It extends as far as Kiama. Catch the train to central and the shuttle bus to Moore Park for free!
100 Thank you.
101 Thank you.
102 Thank you.
103 See Q 8
104 Thank you.
105 Understood, but the Moore Park shuttle bus is now free, so that can still save $5 per trip, for only $5 per membership.
106 Food and drinks inside the stadium is set by the Trust, unfortunately we have not been able to introduce a special for Members.
107 Thank you.
108 See Q 18
109 Great to hear!
110 Thank you.
111 See Q 18
112 I will pass this on to the Merch department.
113 Understand, but it is always available if you want it.
114 Thank you.
115 Thank you.
116 The free public transport is supposed to save you from this, hopefully you can use it next season.
117 See Q 72
118 See Q 12
119 Great to hear!
120 Thanks, see Q 12
121 Any parking prices would have to be added to Membership, which would price it too high for most people. Why not park near the racecourse and catch an Anzac Parade bus for free?
122 FFA control finals tickets, so they are unlikely to offer a discount. We at last have same seat priority for home finals!
123 Thank you.
124 See Q 12
125 Thank you, we are looking at alternate packing arrangements this season.
126 Not sure what this means, are you referring to private buses? NSW government are working on including them this season.
127 Thank you, but it is always available if you need it.
128 Feel free to send us extra money! 🙂
129 Thank you, but it is always available if you need it.
130 You are most welcome!
131 Thank you, but it is always available if you need it.
132 NSW government are working on including private buses this season.
133 See Q 2
134 Thanks for the feedback.
135 You are most welcome!
136 Thank you, but it is always available if you need it.
137 See Q 36
138 Thank you, but it is always available if you need it.

How do you feel about the Membership Department service?
Answer Options Response Percent Response Count
Excellent 41.0% 278
Satisfactory 44.8% 304
Adequate 11.8% 80
Unsatisfactory 1.8% 12
Poor 0.6% 4
Comments 91 91
answered question 678 678

1 Had a couple of Pass collection issues this year – but usually Excellent.
2 As long as i get my same seat again i’ll be very happy
3 I don’t know what the Membership Department is.
4 Difficult to understand why the tickets (passes) are so late being issued e.g. usually days before season kick-off
5 would like a free text message 1hr before KO with team lineup like WSW does
6 In the few dealings I’ve had with the, the experience has been satisfactory.
7 I left my ticket at home for one game and the MD issued me with a new one for the day with no fuss
8 some of the best experience in retial (beyond sport) I’ve ever had
9 I received help from Shane in Customer Service and he was prompt and friendly.
10 Customer service by Shane exceeded expectations, he responded to my email query promptly by phone, sorted the problem, a great advertisement for Sydney FC.
11 no ever answers the phone!!!!
12 Always helpful.
13 Shane is fantastic
14 No Problems at all.
15 Service has always been fantastic it is a great image for the club.
16 Never had much cause to call.
17 Shane should shower more often
18 Havent received my members pack last two years as not sent out and near impossible to pick up from game as only first two games.
19 They answered quickly when I inquired regarding the membership. They were very friendly and helpful.
20 I changed my seat late last offseason and Shane did a good job in assisting the switch.
21 Happy with the service and responsivness I’ve encountered.
22 My membership card was not sent in the original letter in October 2012. I had to call the club who at that time had no idea what was going on. I still don’t understand how membership packs and letters were able to be sent out without the membership card in the envelope!! Luckily, after calling the club daily during the week of the first home game, my card was sent on time. Also noted that membership packs were late. Hopefully this won’t occur for next season.
23 There was a hiccup at the beginning of the season
24 This is my first interaction
25 Always helpful, never had a problem
26 always very helpful
27 generally very helpful and cooperative
28 Always ready to help
29 very good
30 More for Seniors.
31 There was trouble with the membership card having to be reprinted.
32 Have rarely needed to contact them but always satisfied when I had to
33 Always great to talk to if you ever need help
34 Have changed address twice this season, it’s all gone smoothly.
35 Big thanks to Shane for moving seats for me once
36 little interaction so far
37 No comment, have not required them
38 Very good service getting us the seats we wanted.
39 very slow to get out membership cards each year
40 Membership was sent to wrong address. Poor assistance on the phone.
41 Had no hassles.
42 Everybody over there very polity and they make you feel important.
43 shane deserves a pay rise
44 Several emails, phone calls and still got the membership details wrong
45 haven’t had to deal with them much, which means not a lot has gone wrong.
46 These staff are very helpful and make you feel like part of the club…they are a real asset to the club!!!
47 They have been very helpfully and prompt when I’ve dealt with them
48 Shane Porter is an asset to the club. Really helpful and professional.
49 Great and very helpful customer service
50 Taking away bays 33 and 38 for bigger games without updating the members before the season started seems very amateur
51 Shane Porter has been a champion all year, and massively helpful when we’ve needed help.
52 Very personal and excellent service.
53 Efficient and precise with the work that they do.
54 Very helpful when I had queries
55 Shane and Ania are awesome and true assests to the club
56 I didn’t get my member pack this season.
57 Every time I email the club I get a prompt response.
58 Helpful when I’ve needed to call
59 Huge improvement on early years (in organisation, communication and responsiveness)
60 Great, especially Melanie Chapman–what service.
61 The hat etc should have been posted as was promised when we signed up!!
62 Normally dont need to deal with them but this season they helped me out instantly. Thanks again!
63 all correspondence has been great
64 i get emails asking me to buy mberships when i already have one
65 Helped me move seats in the Cove when extra mates took out membership
66 Very quick email reply
67 Haven’t dealt with them much but on the odd occasion, they seem fine .
68 My membership was a gift – I didn’t deal with them.
69 Renewal Time is always a bit of a debacle you need a better database – staff are friendly tho
70 They did a great job all year.
71 For some reason memberships ahve made two accounts for me althoug I have been a continous member for 5 seasons and they want me to contact them by phone to fix. I didn’t make the mistake why do I have to chase it up.
72 issues resolved quickly, good work
73 Shane is always very helpful and friendly…great service
74 Always superb when contact is made with Membership Department.
75 Shane Porter was very helpful with a couple of issues during the season
76 always very helpful and prompt at replying to queries.
77 I usually coordinate the membership renewals of around 8 people. The membership department have been extremely helpful with allocations and the like.
78 online renewal is great
79 I don’t like it that when I purchase my annual membership, I have to wait a long time before my membership arrives. In some cases a few days before the start of the season.
80 Have had little to do with the service
81 Haven’t had much to do with them.
82 I left quite a few messages and still to this day have not received a call back. Disgraceful service
83 Always very helpful and quickly responsive to issues
84 Shane is awesome
85 Only ever heard good things
86 You sent me my membership pack without the membership card. The process of purchasing of away tickets for members for matches like the Sydney Derby could be better.
87 Quick answer to my question last year
88 Very helpful
89 I was extremely anoyed that i was not allowed to pick up my membership pack on several games days despite having my membership card with me i was told I needed to present some membership pack ticket as well as my member card/ID?
90 Ive had no interaction with them so i just assume satisfactory.
91 only use shop

1 Thank you.
2 Your current seat is guaranteed if you renew before July 22.
3 They are the fantastic people who process your Membership and provide any help you need throughout the season.
4 It takes time to prepare them, working with the Stadium, Ticketek, Printers etc. It is also better to do in large batches, but we are working on ways to get them out quicker.
5 Will talk about this, thanks for the suggestion.
6 Thank you.
7 We never want members to not get in!
8 Great to hear!
9 You’re Welcome
10 Thank you.
11 We have someone on the phones 95% of office hours, and we respond to all voicemails and emails. Send an email if you need some info.
12 You’re Welcome
13 Thank you.
14 You’re Welcome
15 Thank you.
16 We are always here if you need it.
17 Thanks mum.
18 We did first 3 Allianz games plus 4 other games this season, but we are reviewing the method of distribution to try to make it easier for Members.
19 You’re Welcome
20 You’re Welcome
21 You’re Welcome
22 The weeks before season start is always the busiest period, but we never leave a member not able to get into a game. Membership packs were available for collection from the first game.
23 Hiccups happen, we are never perfect, but we always get Members in the gates.
24 Hopefully it was a pleasurable one?
25 Great to hear!
26 Thank you.
27 Thank you.
28 You’re Welcome
29 Thank you.
30 More Service? More Discount? More Merchandise? We can always help on more service, but we do the best we can on concession pricing and merchandise for all members.
31 Apologies, these happen on 1-2% of cards, hopefully it is not repeated for you.
32 Thank you.
33 You’re Welcome
34 Good to hear, as long as everything gets to you!
35 My Pleasure.
36 We are always here if you need it.
37 We are always here if you need it.
38 You’re Welcome
39 See Q 4
40 Sorry to hear, unfortunately we do make mistakes sometimes, but we do try our hardest to correct.
41 Great to hear!
42 You are important!
43 Agreed.
44 Sorry to hear, unfortunately we do make mistakes sometimes, but we do try our hardest to correct.
45 Great to hear!
46 Thank you!
47 You’re Welcome
48 Thank you!
49 You’re Welcome
50 That was an error in communication, we apologise and strive to do better.
51 Thank you!
52 You’re Welcome
53 Thank you!
54 You’re Welcome
55 Thank you!
56 The Member pack was available at the stadium for 7 games. It is still available from the office if you wish to collect.
57 You’re Welcome
58 You’re Welcome
59 Thank you!
60 Thank you!
61 For the last two seasons we have had the packs for season members collected at the stadium, apologies if you thought it was to be sent, it is not included in any literature that the pack is sent out.
62 You’re Welcome
63 You’re Welcome
64 You may be on our system more than once, maybe a work and a personal email address. Email us if you want us to check.
65 Glad to help!
66 You’re Welcome
67 Thank you!
68 Hopefully we can help you out this year when you renew!
69 Any problems, email us or give us a call. A manual application form is always available.
70 Thank you!
71 Some people have their details multiple times, like the same address for multiple members of a family. We allow this, but let you know just in case you want the second account left as is or changed. A quick email or phone call to let us know and we can fix it.
72 You’re Welcome
73 You’re Welcome
74 Thank you!
75 You’re Welcome
76 You’re Welcome
77 Our pleasure! Can you get another 8 people this year?
78 You’re Welcome
79 The items are generally manufactured overseas, so we have to wait for them to be sent. The cards rely on a few factors, these also take time. We are planning on getting them out earlier this season for you.
80 We are always here if you need it.
81 We are always here if you need it.
82 We strive to reply to every email and phone call. Feel free to call me direct on 8314 5102 for any queries. I would contact you, but the survey does not take personal details.
83 You’re Welcome
84 Thank you!
85 Hopefully you only ever will.
86 Apologies about the oversight. We are working with WSW on how we can make sure Members get the best chance, however we have more members than they have seats available.
87 You’re Welcome
88 You’re Welcome
89 The membership ticket was in the same envelope as the card, and was mentioned in the letter. After the first 3 games we had some collection times that did not rely on the ticket, sorry it caused an inconvenience.
90 We hope we will be always more than satisfactory.
91 We are always here if you need it.