Lugarno FC


Lugarno FC are Sydney FC-s final winner of the Local Club of the Week award, and have won a $500 grant from St. George Bank after being entered into the competition by club Secretary Hagop Tchamkertenian who highlighted the clubs community spirit and inclusive nature as its unique facets.

Playing in the St. George Football Association, Lugarno FC are a club that epitomises community football as they strive to promote a positive attitude in their players both on and off the football field.

“Lugarno FC caters for the needs of all who seek to play the great game we call football,” said Tchamkertenian.

“The Club does not recruit or accept players exclusively based on football ability, it is not an elitist club. “Lugarno FC has abundance of community spirit and a family feel about it. The Club officials are helpful, friendly and very supportive.

“What makes Lugarno FC unique is its approach to team sports. The commitment displayed by coaches and managers, parents and supporters helps to teach the players to conduct themselves properly and show respect at all times to one another.”

Tchamkertenian said he was extremely pleased to have won the grant and said the money would be put towards training gear for what he described as the lifeblood of Lugarno FC, the non-competition teams.

“I-m excited and thrilled,” he said.

“This grant from St. George Bank will help towards the fulfilment of some important grass-roots club objectives.

“The grant will make a positive contribution towards the overall cost of purchasing training gear for our non-competition teams,” he continued.

“The non-competition teams, covering the age groups from under 6’s to the under 11’s, are the lifeline of the club as players from these age groups will develop to form the competition players of the future.

“We are thankful to the St. George Bank for putting back resources into local communities and for Sydney FC for partnering up with the Bank in this worthwhile initiative to support local football clubs such as Lugarno Football Club.”