Lockdown With Andrew Redmayne

Andrew Redmayne

With the lockdown in full effect across Sydney, we’re finding out what the boys are getting up to at home….

Here’s Andrew Redmayne….

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Stuck in lockdown, what have you been up to?

I borrowed some weights from the club so I have been hammering those a fair bit.  I’ve felt really good and strong, so they have obviously been working.

I’ve been walking the dog for exercise, so much so that the dog is sick of me.  I’ve also been drinking way too much coffee and spending time with the baby. 

Also, we are moving house on Thursday so I have been planning for that.  It has been quite busy!

Redmayne Baby

You’ve been through hotel quarantine and now this, how does it compare?

Hotel quarantine is horrible.  It’s super hard, both physically and mentally.  There’s no sun, no fresh air and it was compounded by having to watch the boys losing the Grand Final.

Lockdown is an absolute breeze compared to hotel quarantine.

What’s your go to form of entertainment during lockdown?

I’m loving the Olympics and have become an expert on every sport that is going.

I’ve also been playing a lot with the baby and inventing new ways to keep her happy.

She has a new little toy for bath-time which is a hose thing with a pump which you can squirt.

That has been fun.

Do you have any lockdown hacks to help you through this period?

Definitely online shopping has been getting me through and meaning I don’t have to leave the house. That has been very helpful.

Got a recommendation for us to watch?

I’ve been watching Survivor, that’s really good, as well as the Olympics at the moment.

How do you feel now the pre-season has started?

It’s good to be back and see the boys because it has been a while.  I haven’t seen them in nearly three months after I left with the Socceroos a month before the end of the season.  It’s good to be back with them and I’m looking forward to pre-season.

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