Le Fondre Has Eyes On The Prize Following Record


He’s the fastest player to 10 goals in the Hyundai A-League, and he’s got his eyes firmly set on Bobô’s Sky Blue scoring record.

We caught up with Sydney FC frontman Adam Le Fondre to chat about his Hyundai A-League record ahead of Wednesday’s top of the table clash away against Perth.


10 goals in 11 games, that’s some achievement, you must be pleased?

I’m really happy that I’ve broken the record. I think I should have done it sooner, I’m a little disappointed I haven’t scored more goals but you can’t score every chance you get. You have to have that disappointment to help spur on the next one, that’s what I like to do when I miss a chance, and rarely do I dwell on it I just move on to the next one.

What do you mean by you ‘should have done it sooner’?

Just being the ultimate critique. There’s chances where I’ve left goals out there, specifically the Wellington game, I definitely could have scored a couple there, the Central Coast away game, I could have got a couple there, but that’s what happens. You can’t score every shot in a game but I’m looking forward to getting a better conversion rate than I’ve got now.


Was that one of the targets you set yourself when you joined the club?

I didn’t even know I’d broken the record, I didn’t know anything about it until after the game. I’m not really too fussed, I’m looking to do bigger things than just score goals, I want to win things and if I break records along the way then so be it.

What do you put your form down to?

I put it down to everyone, the team creating chances for me and me doing my job in front of goal, scoring the chances. It’s great work from the team to give me chances, with Bimbi [Head Coach Steve Corica] setting up the team the way he does it fits perfect for me and the way I’ve fitted in here.

Is there a favourite goal from those 10?

I think the Wanderers Derby goal in the first Hyundai A-League Derby [was my favourite]. It wasn’t a great goal but it’s the sort of goal I score a lot of, poaching, and to score those goals I enjoy them. I enjoy scoring them more than scoring from outside the box, and it’s always nice to get one over on the local rivals.


What other targets have you set yourself for this season?

I think it’s widely known that I want to go as close as I can to Bobô’s record. If I get anywhere near that then I’m sure we’ll be successful. That’s my aim really, to be as successful as a player and helping the team, the team is far more important than any individual goals.

Short turnaround this week with a game against Perth on Wednesday, how are you preparing for that?

To be fair I’m used to it, the short turnarounds in football, I’m looking forward to it, I’m relishing it. The boys are looking in fine shape, we’re ready for the challenge really. We put on a really good show at Perth last time, we need to build on that and come up with the same things again.


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