It’s Mate V Mate On Saturday Night


Off the pitch they are close mates but on the pitch on Saturday night they’ll be on opposite divides of Sydney’s A-League derby.

Off the pitch they are close mates but on the pitch on Saturday night they-ll be on opposite divides of Sydney-s A-League derby.

Sky Blues captain Terry McFlynn and former Sydney FC striker Mark Bridge used to room together for when on away trips for Sydney, and both are aware of the importance of this game.

“It-s a massive game not only for the players but also for the supporters and everyone at the club, there-s so much at stake,” said McFlynn.

“We have to win to get into the finals and obviously the Wanderers are going for the minor Premiership.

“It-s something the whole of Sydney has been crying out for, for eight years.”

Bridge agrees and believes the contest will be a real spectacle.

“If the first two games are anything to go by, they were both good games. Sydney got one up and the Wanderers came back to level it,” he said.

“I think both teams are looking forward to it and there-s still that derby feeling where you want to get one up on your neighbours so it-s going to be a big game,” said the Wanderers striker.

The pair catch-up regularly when outside football and it-s why they are getting together to back a Cancer Council campaign.

The Mate v Mate Challenge is designed to raise awareness of men-s cancer by getting blokes to challenge a mate.

Sydney-s weekend derby fixture is backing the campaign as well.

“It-s a fantastic initiative from the Cancer Council, it-s Mate vs Mate and if we can raise a bit of awareness this weekend through the game, then that-s great,” said McFlynn.

“We really don-t have much awareness,” continued Bridge. “I think the stat is 1 in 2 men are diagnosed with cancer at some stage throughout their life and we both didn-t know that.

“If we can bring that awareness to more men and get everyone to have checks then that would be great.”

For more information on the Cancer Council’s campaign please head to their website.