An Injury Update With Chris Zuvela


While games are postponed it’s nice to see our injured Sky Blue stars all returning to fitness following extended layoffs, none more so than youngster Chris Zuvela who’s back up to speed following an ACL injury.


Must be nice to be recovered?

It’s finally good to be back. It’s been such a long time. The knee feels really good, it’s great to be back.

How does the body feel?

The body is a bit sore but it’s good to get back into things after such a long time. It’s just an exciting thing to be back with the boys.

You did have a small setback though?

It was very unfortunate. I was coming back from the ACL injury and about to get my first game back before another injury happened. You just have to ride that wave I guess, and now I’m back at it. It was tough at the start but it was good to have heaps of support behind me from the coaching staff, the medical staff, everyone was helping me out with the situation. Without them I wouldn’t be back now.

How was the recovery process?

It was tough, very tough, probably tougher than the first injury. I’m back stronger than ever and feeling really good.


What were you doing to come back?

Just a lot of knee strengthening, balance work, the usual stuff to get back on top of things.

Do you feel stronger than before?

I’d like to say I am. I don’t know it yet but I’d like to say I’m stronger.

Looking forward to a return?

I’m hopeful of returning to the pitch soon. It’s a bit unfortunate with this whole situation at the moment with the postponement but once we’re back at it I can’t wait to get back on the pitch.