How Clarky Manages The Split Round


Hear from Sydney FC’s Head of Strength and Conditioning Andrew Clark on how he’s managing your Sky Blues stars during this split round, with 16 days before our next Hyundai A-League clash.

Split Round in the league this week, what do you first assess when approaching this week?

We try to replicate a normal week but we also use the opportunity to overload players in certain areas or allow players to recover from persistent niggles.

Is it a detriment to the players to not play a competitive match this weekend?

No not really. We look at it as an opportunity that we don’t get often in a season to do extra work to take parts of our game to the next level.

What are the main things you focus on with the players this week, with no A-League match to prepare for?

We treat every player as an individual, and during this week satisfy individual needs, but continuing to develop our style of play always takes precedence.


How do you keep the players training 100% during the week?

At this stage of the season the players are highly motivated to continue on the path that we are on. The players have been fantastic in driving each other to be better every day.

How are the players looking for the run in to the Finals Series?

The team is in the best condition that it has been all season. We plan to continue to improve the levels of performance of the players until the Grand Final day.


SYDNEY FC take on Melbourne City FC on Saturday 1st April and tickets can be purchased by clicking here.