Grant Excited By Corica Appointment


Sydney FC star Rhyan Grant said he’s thrilled to have club Legend Steve Corica as new Head Coach following Wednesday’s announcement.

Having played with Corica at the Sky Blues before playing under him as Assistant Coach, Grant said there’d be a natural change to approaching the new boss while he said he was excited for what’s in store having had a taste of his coaching style already.

“I was stoked for him. Everyone knows he’s been at the club since day one, so he’s done his apprenticeship under Arnie and previous coaches so I thought I was only natural for him to get the job,” Grant said.

“From what he’s spoke to us as a team about, his style will be very similar to Arnie.

“It won’t change too much with the foundations, but at the same time he’ll have his own take on it which will be exciting to see.

“As a player he was very attack minded and entertaining so I’d imagine his style will be along that mind. When he was youth team coach I was playing down a couple of times while returning from injury I got a witness to that so it’ll be really cool for all of us to see where he takes us as a club.

“Steve knows all the players, he knows what you can do and we know what we can do and what he expects. It makes it a lot easier for us with that familiarity and I think that will keep things going instead of having a new person that we have to prove ourselves and start from scratch with.


“With Arnie he was always very approachable and you could talk to him very easily and I think Bimbi will exactly the same,” he continued.

“I’ll have to get clarification on whether I can call him Bimbi or not but I’m sure he’ll be fine with that. I think having that relationship there will make it a lot easier but at the same time you have to make sure you’re more responsible with stuff with him being Head Coach now.”

Grant said it was a natural progression for Corica to become Head Coach following his time spent at the Sky Blues, as he said his relationship with the players would only approve following his appointment.

“I get along with Bimbi, I’ve known him a long time,” Grant said.

“As a person I’m very happy for him and as a player I think he’s got a lot to offer so it’s exciting times ahead.

“As a player he was unbelievable. He’s joined in at training over the last couple of years as well and he still takes the mick out of us so it was always good to watch him do that.

Steve Corica

“The way he’s adapted into the coaching role has been good, he’s got a lot of input in the attacking side of stuff and always helped out with that and set pieces too. He’s naturally progressed into the coaching role there and it’s exciting stuff to see what we can offer next year.

“It’s natural to change your approach to a game or the way you are with players [when you become coach],” he continued.

“ You don’t become a team mate, you go into a more responsible role as a coach, he’s done that but still he’s very approachable and I’ve got along with him really well and him being Head Coach now sets up a good relationship with the players.

“I think it’s going to be onwards and upwards from here and go one further next year.”


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