Get To Know: Steve Corica


Each week we’re asking the important questions as we profile Sydney FC’s Team of the Decade and former players. Find out who their funniest team mate was, what their favourite away trip was, who they believe was the worst dancer at the club and more!

How did it feel to be named in Sydney FC’s Team of the Decade?

I was honoured to be in the Team of the Decade. Very proud to be amongst a lot of very good players who played and came through at Sydney FC.

Who is your all-time favourite player in your position?

My favourite when I was growing up was Diego Maradona. He was fantastic, great skills, scored goals, did everything.

Funniest Sydney FC memory?

There’s been a lot, but one that comes to mind which happened just before we went out on to the field was one of Pierre Littbarski’s team talks. We were all in a huddle before going out, and in the middle of the circle was a bucket of ice cold water. He was obviously getting the boys going, getting them ready to go out there and the boys were all pumped. He was pumped too and just as he said his final words “go out there and win the game”, he picked this ice cold bucket and he threw it all over the fitness coach at the time, Darren Welsh. He copped a spray of the whole water, everyone was just surprised and we all started laughing our heads off. Pierre had a lot of little different things, maybe he thought that was going to calm us down, and it worked.  It was the Hyundai A-League semi-final against Adelaide United and we won 2-1!!!

Funniest team mate?

David Zdrilic and Terry McFlynn. I used to room with Zdrila and he just had a sense of humour that I got, just short little smart remarks, and same with Terry McFlynn, he always pops up with something funny. Both of them are very good friends of mine as well.

Best prank you’ve seen pulled at the club?

When someone came in with some bad gear we used to tie it up in the changing room. We’d just tie it up there on hangers to show how bad they were.

Smartest team mate?

Clint Bolton, he’s a smart guy. Obviously he’s doing his uni masters now. I got on fantastically with Bootsa and now he’s doing his masters he’s proving that he’s a smart guy.

Biggest party animal?

I’d have to say Yorkie. One story that comes to mind is when Yorkie organised a boat cruise around the Harbour around Christmas time and someone else organised a barbecue at his place for the whole team and staff as well. We had to be on the boat at 5 so everyone had to leave the barbecue at 4. Little did we know though that this person had organised caterers to come in for the night time as well at the barbecue. So at four o’clock you could just see all the boys getting into the cars and driving up this drive way, leaving the party to get to this boat cruise. Zdrila and I were the last at the whole party and we didn’t know the caterers were coming. As we were leaving the caterers were coming in for the night time. We just left him stranded basically but we promised Yorkie we’d go on this boat cruise and it was a good night.

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