Get To Know – Seb Ryall


Each Friday we’re asking the important questions as we profile Sydney FC’s Team of the Decade and former players. Find out who their funniest team mate was, what their favourite away trip was, who they believe was the worst dancer at the club and more!

How did it feel to be named in Sydney FC’s Team of the Decade?

It was a great honour.  Some of the players in that team have had great careers and most have won things at the club.  Growing up in Sydney I have always wanted to play for Sydney FC, ever since watching Dwight Yorke, so to be named in the Team of the Decade is very special.

Who is your all-time favourite player in your position?

Fabio Cannavaro I used to admire him growing up.

Funniest Sydney FC memory?

We had our Christmas dress up party one year and Terry Antonis dressed up as a blue smurf with blue paint all over him.  Just as he finished getting ready we got a phone call to say that the fancy dress had been cancelled so he had to spend the next hour washing it all off.

Funniest team mate?

Terry McFlynn – he’s just got a very clever sense of humour.

Best mate(s) at the club?

It would have to be Busta (Rhyan Grant).

Who do you still keep in touch with?

There are a quite a few like Jamo, Richie Garcia and Clint Bolton.

Best away game memory/story?

Winning 5-0 and scoring away against Melbourne Victory on Australia Day was pretty good.

Best prank you’ve seen pulled at the club?

I put something in Anthony Golec’s food once and he then put a whole lunch in my locker.  I didn’t spot it for a month until the smell was unbearable.

Smartest team mate?

Simon Colosimo

Worst dancer/singer?

Terry Antonis for both.

Biggest party animal?

Scott Jamieson

Worst media appearance?

Terry Antonis said ‘you know’ about ten times in a minute during one interview.  We gave him heaps.

Favourite backroom staff member?

Terry McFlynn has been great since he moved into the backroom.

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