Get To Know: Luke Wilkshire


Find out a little bit more about new signing Luke Wilkshire as he names his toughest opponent, his dream holiday destination and more.



Favourite colour:

I’m not too sure, I’d have to say purple.

Coffee order:

It can depend, either a espresso or latte, sometimes a cappuccino.

Dream holiday destination:

It’s a toss up between Miami or the Maldives.

When did you think you could make a career out of football?

I always thought that I could as young kid, and then around the age of 14 I started to question whether it was a reality. By 15 I got the opportunity when I went across to Middlesbrough and I knew it was a good possibility.


Career highlights:

There’s just too many to name, there’s been a few along the way. I’ve been very lucky to have the career that I’ve had.

Toughest opponent?

It’s tough to answer because there’s been a lot, but one of the toughest would have to be Mickael Silvestre and also Patrice Evra. They were both two very strong and tough left backs.


Game day routine:

I don’t have one in particular. I’m pretty relaxed, I enjoy a good breakfast, listen to a bit of music with a coffee and that’s about it. Music is essential though.


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