Dr Brian Ironwood


Height: of his powers

Weight: there, he’s on his way

Date of Birth: N/A (Immortal)

Place of Birth: www.mantherapy.org.au

Dr Brian Ironwood joined Sydney FC on a one week contract for the 2016 beyondblue A-League Cup. The good doctor* boasts a vast array of international, domestic and continental experience, having claimed 16 caps in various hat shops across Europe on a 1991 contiki tour. Dr Brian also helped lift a cup just last year when he needed to pour some coffee into his mouth. He’s an experienced campaigner having now featured in four campaigns with the experienced team at beyondblue. His tactical strength in pointing people in the right direction has been lauded, and he’s respected for improving wellbeing and the mental health for those he’s come into contact with.

Find out for yourself at: www.mantherapy.org.au

*Not a real doctor, but is real good.

Sydney Football Club are proud to partner with beyondblue in the A-League beyondblue Cup.