Coyne Brother’s Mind Games Ahead Of Family Clash


Sydney FC’s Jamie Coyne says he won’t believe anything big brother Chris tells him ahead of this weekend’s clash with Perth.

Sydney FC-s Jamie Coyne says he won-t believe anything big brother Chris tells him ahead of this weekend-s clash with Perth.

The former Glory defender plays against his sibling for the first time on Saturday and says he-s already done a bit of detective work.

“I gave him a quick call after the game when they lost (vs Newcastle Jets) because I know he-d tell me a few things because he was a bit pissed off.

“Leading up to the game he won-t give much away and obviously vice versa.

“We-ll try and get a bit out of each other but it won-t be much good. Anything he does give me won-t be true.”

But Jamie knows he won-t need to play mind with the fans of his former club.

“Whenever there have been other players who-ve gone back there who-ve played at the club before, they-ve always copped a bit of grief, so I-ll expect the same.

“You-re no longer playing for the club and obviously they want their team to win.

“Some of it will always be in jest but you take the good with the bad.

“I won-t be expecting a round of applause when I walk into the stadium put it that way.”