The Cove Steps Up For Lou’s Place


Even with no football on Sydney FC’s The Cove aren’t sitting down, with the active supporter group stepping up to help struggling charity Lou’s Place.

Located in Kings Cross, Lou’s Place aims to create a safe environment for women who are in crisis and cannot have their basic needs met, and like a lot of businesses in this current climate, they’ve been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus impacts have meant that Lou’s Place, which gets no Government support, has lost a lot of the funding that it depends upon from the business community.

Up step The Cove in conjunction with Play For Lives, who are asking their fellow Members, Sydney FC fans and fellow football supporters who can spare something to donate to The Cove’s fundraiser for this great cause.

Lou’s Place spokesperson Lavender Bates thanked the generosity of The Cove and Play For Lives, stressing how important these donations would be.

“We receive no ongoing government funding and so really rely on the generosity of the community and donors to ensure we are able to do the work that we do,” Bates said.

“With the crisis at present, we have seen a decrease in our usual donations of funds and expect this to continue as the weight of this is fully felt. It’s a truly tough time on everyone, and we feel for all those who have been affected in all capacities – it is a agonising and trying time.

“We work with some of the most vulnerable women in our society, who have experienced great adversity – domestic Violence, homelessness, complex mental health, addiction, sexual assault and the list goes on. We try our absolute hardest to provide these women a safe, nurturing, therapeutic place to be and have seen the need for our service more since the start of this pandemic.

“Donations during this time are not only greatly appreciated, but are needed in order to provide the breadth of services that we do.”

The Cove spokesperson Grant Muir said it was a after a meeting with Play For Lives that the fundraising initiative was thought up.

“We were approached by Play For Lives to assist with delivery of much needed toiletries to Lou’s Place a couple of weeks ago,” he said.

“I went and helped some local businesswomen to drop off items and after meeting them and chatting with Liz Deep-Jones we decided that we would like to help them by raising funds to support their essential work with women in crisis.

“Things are difficult for everyone right now, but imagine what it must be like to be a woman affected by homelessness or domestic abuse under current circumstances. Lou’s Place offers desperately needed services and support to those women. The get no government funding and with the current economic situation, donations have dried up.

“We’d like everyone who can to donate whatever they can spare to support this awesome work.”

The Cove know that many are doing it tough, but those who are fortunate not to be badly affected by the current crisis can do something awesome for people in desperate need of support, and every dollar counts.

Visit The Cove’s donation page to play your part – https://www.sfcu.com.au/campaigns/lous_place/