Chris Pappas’ ‘Top 5 Tips’


Sydney FC’s Head of Strength and Conditioning Chris Pappas provides his ‘Top 5 Tips’ for improving your game.

1 – Get into good habits. Make sure you’re doing everything well to get the most out of your game. Eat well, prepare well and you’ll play well. Make sure you’ve got a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and veg and stay away from the junk food as much as possible.

2 – Every day is game day. Take the same attitude into every training that you’d take into a game to make sure you get the most out of each session and continue to grow as a player.

3 – Set goals. Enjoy the journey not the destination, make sure you never give up and always put in the hard work to achieve what you want from your football.

4 – Keep things simple. Work on your basic movements and skills continuously to improve them over time. The mains things to work on are to land and control your own body weight and strengthen your core stability.

5 – Have a belief to achieve. Success doesn’t come easy, so work hard and persevere to achieve your goals and grow as a footballer.