Changes To Cove Seating For 2018/19


A statement regarding Cove seating for the 2018/19 season.

Our Sydney FC family face numerous challenges over the next three seasons as we await the rebuilding of our Moore Park home.

One of the key aspects of playing out of three stadiums was ensuring The Cove could still provide the unique game day experience unmatched in any other club or code in Australia.
In our early planning we approached FFA and requested a change to FFA’s requirements around Home Active Ends and allocated seating, to allow The Cove to become un-allocated. We believe this was the best approach to allow our active fans the opportunity to find the best position to lend their vocal support in the three new stadiums and to ensure Cove Members enjoy the best game day experience.
FFA have agreed to allow Cove Active bays as designated in these maps to be classified as “Home Club Supporter Area” with the expectation that anyone in these bays are willing to be actively supporting and standing for the duration of the game, but eliminating the requirement that participants receive an allocated seat.


 As such, all Memberships sold to date and Memberships sold from today will not include allocated seating details for Cove Members. Additionally, once tickets are released for sale later in the year, casual match tickets will also be available for sale under the same conditions, but as per FFA requirements there will be a one ticket limit per person and certain personal details will need to be collected at point of sale.
We thank The Cove representatives with whom we continue to work for their support in this matter, and we look forward to seeing you all in The Cove during season.

Message from The Cove:
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