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Jan 30, 2016   |  4:53AM AET

Captains give their Grand Final views

Captains give their Grand Final views

Melbourne City skipper Steph Catley and Sydney FC counterpart Teresa Polias answer some of the important – and not-so-important questions – heading into the Westfield W-League 2016 Grand Final.

What is your preferred pre-match meal?
Steph Catley:
My superstition the night before is always mum’s Spaghetti Bolognaise. Matchday breakfast will be oats with banana and honey, then peanut butter and banana toast. And coffee goes without saying.  
Teresa Polias: I usually have something really light on matchday. Something sweet and sour, and then not much after that.

Is there a designated dressing-room DJ that will be spinning tunes pre-match?
At the moment it is Jen Beattie and she has done a great job. It is a very controversial position to have. We have a range of different ages and styles, but she seems to get it spot on.
TP: Liv (Olivia Price) brings the speakers, and Kyah plays the songs. But we have all thrown in our own songs, so it is a good mix and very up-beat.

What makes Grand Final day so special?
I guess it is the overall buzz and the lead-up is a little bit different.
TP: Big days like this is what everyone aims for. Adding to it for us is that our families will be here.

Where can you win the game?
Everything we have done has been effective, so I guess pretty much keeping the ball as much as possible.
TP: If we play the way Sydney can play it could go either, and if we execute our chances we will give ourselves a good chance.

Where do you need to watch your opponents?
They are brilliant on the counter-attack so if we have too much of the ball, it is easy to switch off and miss that kind of thing.
TP: Where do I start with that (laughs). They have strengths all over the pitch.

There are stars on both teams but is there any under-rated player on the opposition side who is playing well?
To be honest Teresa Polias doesn’t get nearly enough credit. She is involved in creating everything they do, and it is great at switching the play. Nicola Bolger as well in the middle doesn’t get much mention.
TP: I think Bri Davey has had a good season coming back (from injury). They have some great youngsters. Beattie Goad is a great talent and a real up-and-comer.

Finally, and on a light-hearted note, why is your city better than your opponents’ city?
SC: Don’t get me started (laughs). Melbourne has a better vibe, an indie culture, the food scene, the coffee scene, the sporting side. Sydney is a cool place but being from Melbourne I’m biased.
TP: My Melbourne friends give so much grief, but I really like Melbourne so I will leave it at that (laughs).