Captain’s Column: Spending Time With The Kids


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Hi everyone, I hope you are all fit and well and have done some good work in the last week by staying indoors and social distancing.

It has been a pretty quiet but busy week for me, as my wife is still working and I am still indoors with my kids home schooling and being a dad.

My son Luca, who is 7, is doing a lot of school work while my daughter Harper, who is 3, needs a lot of attention so looking after them has been a full time job.  I’m also trying to stay fit with an optional training program we’ve been given.

It involves going for runs which I’ve been doing up at the local park, and some exercises and specific training drills which our Head of Strength & Conditioning Chris Pappas has suggested.

I think it’s really important when you’ve been stuck inside all day to be going out to do exercise.  It’s good for your mental and physical well-being to be out of the house on your own for 45 minutes each day and it stops you going insane!

I would be lying if I said it has been easy since we left training last Tuesday.  As players we are used to going in every day and training and at this stage of the season it would usually be full steam ahead.  So to drop back to nothing is strange and takes some getting used to, but it is what it is.

I’ve been speaking to some of the boys and we are really optimistic that the season can be finished and there’s still plenty of time for it to be done.

We want to get out there and finish the last six games, plus the final series to wrap up the season properly; the way it should be done.

In the interim we need to stay patient and in reasonable condition, so when the season turns back on we are ready to go.

This weekend I’m looking forward to spending some fun time with the kids.  Luca has been working hard in home school and he is definitely looking forward to the weekend.

Although he’s not at school he is still doing the work, so this weekend is about making it fun for him and Harper.

At this time of year football is usually really busy, we’ve got Hyundai A-League and AFC Champions League games and are away from home a lot, so for now I’m trying to spend as much time with the family as possible.  That’s at least one benefit out of a really terrible situation.

Alex Wilkinson