Captain’s Column: More Goals On The Way


Hello everyone, hope you’re all well and healthy and have enjoyed the Summer as we now move into Autumn.

It was another outstanding performance from the girls last week, as we cross the halfway mark for the season.

Unfortunately for me I wasn’t able to attend the game. The conflicting and changing schedule meant I had to put my students first.

Juggling work and football for a lot of the girls in the league is really difficult, however in saying this I was confident knowing we have such depth in our squad and that they’d be able to deal with a resilient Perth Glory side.

Putting away 6 goals really shows the strength we have moving forward, with some fabulous finishes.

Looking back at the season so far, we’ve achieved all our goals that we set out to have accomplished at the halfway mark, apart from a small hiccup against Brisbane Roar.


I’m stoked with what we’ve achieved and seeing the girls working hard on the training field I know we have the work ethic and determination to see it through.

Furthermore, we’re coming up against Adelaide again after just one match in-between fixtures. This will be an interesting test for the girls, I feel the result we took away from the game didn’t reflect how we dominated the game and I know we could have put a few more past them at Cromer Park.

If we can recreate this performance, I know we can take home the three points once again.

I think this will put us into a really strong position to move even closer to a Westfield W-League Premiership.

That’s it for me, can’t wait to see you all soon!

Teresa Polias
Sydney FC Captain


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