Captain’s Column – Let’s Talk Football From Here On In


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Well, we are one week away from the season restart and I can’t wait to get back into it on the pitch and finish what we’ve started!

Thankfully it looks like the Melbourne teams will be allowed to travel to New South Wales in the next day or so and we can now really start to get excited about the next six weeks.

Well done to everyone who helped to manage the tricky situation and a big thanks to the New South Wales Premier and Health Minister for allowing us to finish off our season.

Had it not gone ahead, it would have caused upset to hundreds of thousands of Members and fans, not to mention every club’s players and staff who have worked so hard and made sacrifices to ensure the season is completed.

Safety of course is always the priority but I think there are some good protocols in place to ensure safety is preserved and we can press ahead.

We all know it’s an ever-changing environment with COVID-19, so it’s unsurprising that these types of problems can rapidly evolve beyond control.

Let’s hope this is the last time and we can talk about the football from here on in.


It is possible now that Melbourne Victory and Western United will not be the opening game (nothing confirmed though) and our match with Wellington Phoenix at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium next Friday will take centre stage as the opener (kick off 7.30pm).

We’d be delighted to kick off the re-start to the season.  The game is so huge and a win will put us within one point of securing the Premiers Plate so it’s a massive match too.

Our Members should find out some details today as to how they can apply to attend the game and we look forward to having as many of them as is safely possible, under the government guidelines, attend.

Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly from here on in. We’ve been enjoying training and as of next week it is going to be good to getting back into the match day routine.

Stay safe everyone!