Captain’s Column – Let Australia Be United For The Women’s World Cup


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Hello everyone, what a great day it has been and a great moment in football’s history in this country.

It’s fantastic to hear Australia and New Zealand’s bid for the 2023 World Cup has won the right to host the tournament.

Congratulations to everyone who was involved in the process of the successful bid.

It’s going to an amazing event for women’s football and also for sport in general in Australia.

I was lucky enough to experience what it did in 2015 when we had the Asian Cup here.

The way it united a nation and how the whole of Australia got behind us was fantastic and I’m sure it will be the same for the women’s World Cup in three years time.

We are lucky in Australia that we are a very multi-cultural society and it gives all those cultures a chance to go and support different teams in different areas of Australia.

I also hope it will create an enduring legacy for football with lasting social impacts, including a big boost for tourism and commerce.

It’s also a great opportunity to grow the grassroots of women’s football and to increase the popularity of our sport where it really matters, out there in the community.

All in all it is a fabulous result and it’s a brilliant way to unite the country. 

Congratulations to all those involved.