Brosque: An Update From The Gold Coast


With the Sky Blues’ 2018 pre-season training camp on the Gold Coast nearing its conclusion, Sydney FC Captain Alex Brosque provided us with an update on the camp and his thoughts on the season ahead.


How has the camp been so far?

It’s been good, it’s always enjoyable coming up here. The weather is nice and warm and we’re in a good location as well. It’s always good to spend a week away with the boys getting ready for the season ahead, we’re enjoying it.

What’s the intensity of the sessions been like?

Very high and very tough, it’s always a very tough camp when we come up here. The bodies are very sore but it has been a very solid camp. This camp has been based on us getting fit, there’s been a lot of work and double sessions. I think everyone is good and the new boys have gotten up to speed.

How have the new boys fit in?

They’ve all done their usual initiation, singing in front of the team. That’s been a bit of a laugh, Jop had a nice Dutch number for us but we couldn’t join in with obviously but it was a good laugh. Trent has gone up as well, so has Danny, the boys are all slotting in well.


Where does this preseason sit for you?

Right up there! Obviously another year older, another pre-season, it’s hard but I’m hanging in there, the boys are keeping me going and I’m feeling very good.

Have you noticed a difference between Steve’s methods of training compared to Arnie’s?

I think the good thing about Steve is he realised what worked well for us last year, so he’s kept a lot of what we did and what worked for us going. He hasn’t changed too much. I think a lot of the sessions are quite similar, the fitness and work in pre-season has been quite similar. The main difference is in him, he’s a little quieter in nature but he’s got a big presence and he’s taken it well in his stride. When he speaks we’ve taken everything on board and I think he’s enjoying it and we’re enjoying having him as Head Coach as well.


From what you’ve seen so far this preseason, how confident are you for the season ahead?

Very confident. Based on the last couple of years and what we’ve been able to do, the boys who’ve joined have definitely added to what we have, no doubt we’ve got a few more signings to make as well which will strengthen the squad, but once we’re all there we’re not going to let everything we’ve done and everything we’ve built as a team fall away. We’re going to make sure that those standards stay high and we’re at the top come the last day of the season again.

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