Brandon O’Neill’s Matchday


Absent through injury last weekend, we caught up with Sky Blue star Brandon O’Neill to get his take on a Sydney FC matchday from the stands at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium.

“Although I never want this experience to happen again because I didn’t know what to be doing with myself not preparing for a game… being a Sydney FC fan this weekend was actually really fun!

“I think the majority of the night I had the chance to properly speak our fans, one on one and not for a quick minute like after the game. It was brilliant to hear their insight into why they love our club. I got to hear so many opinions on a variety of things, ranging from how long they’ve been a Member, who there favourite player is or random ones like why do I tuck my shirt in and and what aftershave I wear.


“A cool thing too was to watch the game as an outsider and form my own opinion on how it went. As a player you’re constantly thinking about your role and responsibilities and how you can help the team as best you can when the game is on. But this weekend I could see in full view how good of a team we really are. Deadly going forward and extremely hard to breakdown in defence. It makes you realise how lucky you are to be involved in an organisation and team like Sydney FC.

“My best mate was down to watch the game aswell which made me relax a little more (like I said at the start, I hate missing it games) so being able to be normal lads enjoying their favourite club get the chocolates was an awesome experience.

“Where we sat for the game was brilliant. It was high up in the stands. One thing I noticed was the blue everywhere. Blue jerseys, dresses, shorts, shoes, it was a sea of sky blue which again is credit to our fans. The Cove were as loud as I’ve ever heard them too. I loved it how they get the fans from the hill (grass area) involved in chants as well as us in the stands. Ninko’s daughters gave me a run for their money chant wise though. Them girls know every word!

“All in all I really enjoyed being a fan of a club I love. But never again. Bring on getting back on that pitch, this weekend against the Mariners!”


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