A Letter From CEO Tony Pignata


Subject: Let’s bring the right kind of flair tomorrow night!



Tomorrow night is sure to be a spectacle not to be missed. Every time we take to the pitch against the Western Sydney Wanderers, the electric atmosphere created by our Members and fans is something rarely seen anywhere else in Australia.

Whilst the vast majority of our supporters are dedicated to enhancing our club, there are a very small minority of people who have harmed our performance, success and reputation in the past by lighting flares inside and outside the stadium.

This behaviour is something that we are committed to stamping out, and we are united with our loyal members and fans to make our games a safe and welcoming environment.

Sydney FC has worked closely with the league to develop a campaign that educates on the dangers of flares and demonstrates how harmful this behaviour is to our club. As you would be aware, there are serious consequences for club’s whose fans take part in this harmful behaviour, as exemplified last season. You are likely to see some imagery (similar to the above header) at our games on the big screen and on social media.

The campaign aims to highlight the difference between our dedicated supporters, and those flare lighters who are damaging, disrespectful and disloyal. It is not meant to offend or cause outrage to those that are doing the right thing.

Sydney FC looks forward to a flare-free season and are united as a Club and as a code that this behaviour is unacceptable and not welcome at our games.

We look forward to seeing you bring the right kind of flair tomorrow night!

Kind regards,

Tony Pignata

Tony Pignata is Chief Executive Officer of Sydney FC