A Day in the life of Harry Van der Saag

What do you do before you come into training?

It’s a pretty normal routine for me. I’ll wake up, go have a shower and browse through my phone for a bit before throwing a ball around to my dog. She’s a cattle dog so she’s very active.

What time do you arrive for training?

Usually we train around mid-morning so I’ll come in at around 8.30am.

What’s your pre-training routine?

I like to come in and have some breakfast and say hello to a few of the boys and then do my prehab.

What’s on Harry Van der Saag’s Spotify playlist on the way to training?

At the moment I’m listening to one of my mates playlists, it’s called ‘hotrod’ and there’s a bit of old school stuff on there, bit of R&B.

What are your favourite training drills?

I like the four v fours. Usually when we’re not too far out from a game we’ll do a big game of piggy in the middle which gets the team going a bit and really boosts morale.

Who catches your eye on the training field?

I’d have to say Elvis Kamsoba, he’s been great for us this season and on the training field he’s good to watch so I’d have to say him.

What’s your go-to post-training meal?

Jorge our chef makes some great meals, I love his pasta and chicken that he’ll whip up for us so I’d say that along with a protein shake.

How do you spend your days off from training?

I love going to the beach with my mates. I could spend all day there. Narrabeen is my favourite and if I’m at home I’ll be on the PlayStation playing FIFA with friends.