57 Days Until our Season Begins


Hello to all Sydney FC Members and Fans

Hello to all Sydney FC Members and Fans,

This is instalment seven (7) of my weekly update from the CEO-s Chair and I am very excited to say that we now have two solid practice games under our belt and we have launched both our new adidas strip and our membership program online. For all of the Members of the Cove who assisted in making Martin Place come to life on Monday – thank you!

For those of you who haven-t had the chance to open your membership email or have a look on our website please do; however copies of the membership brochure will land in your mail boxes next week. For most of the products there has been a reduction in prices however in the process of making the pricing model more structured some historical mistakes have needed to be rectified where an additional ticket (so two) in family packages had been given away. For those family members who have been impacted by this I offer my sincerest apologies and will look at what we can do next year in regards to potential reductions.

As I mentioned at the Member Forum, the ‘Membership Program- is critical for the continued evolution and success of Sydney FC. Your financial commitment is the most powerful statement you can make in regards to your loyalty to the Club. Members drive crowd attendance thus increasing the atmosphere which will hopefully motivate those people who buy game day tickets to come again or ideally also become a member. As the number of members grow we become more appealing to sponsors and corporate revenue also grows. This cycle of membership growth, game day attendance growth and corporate partnership growth is what ensures that we can provide our Football Department with the best possible amenities and services that they require.

Next week I will pass the 50 day mark in regards to my time in the role. As this will be the half way point in that symbolic ‘first 100 day period- I will undertake performance reviews with all admin staff. As I have discussed previously, for the business to move forward we need to ensure that we create a culture built on trust and this can only be achieved by every individual exhibiting excellence in both character and competence. This first review will allow my staff to have a clear understanding of the look and feel of the performance management process and my expectations.

On the training paddock and practice arena the boys continue to show improvement with no significant injury concerns. Terry, Dimi and Ryan have returned home and will have a couple of weeks off before rejoining the squad. Each of the boys did themselves, their families and their country proud and I am sure great things lie ahead for each of them. The rest of the squad have represented SFC in the Community admirably as they play their ‘Community Challenge- practice games. Both the Macarthur Association and St George Saints State League Team have been wonderful hosts with the number of parents and children attending each of the games a great sign of the things to come.

Whilst we are only six (6) years young it is important that we create some legacies for the years to come. Respecting and embracing the heritage of traditional football and the hard work that the hundreds of thousands of volunteers and participants have put into grass roots football over the last 50+ years is critical to the success of the professional game in this country. I can-t see any reason why our community games can-t be set in stone thus becoming a tradition and ultimately a component in the heritage of the game in NSW. The more we help to build these events the greater impact the game can have on the communities within which they operate.

I hope you all have a great weekend, become a member and I look forward to seeing you at our game v Parramatta Eagles at Parramatta Stadium 7.30pm next Wednesday. Remember we are ‘Football-s Capital- so become a citizen…please join today.


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