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Aug 26, 2011   |  6:26PM AET

43 Days Until Our Season Begins

43 Days Until Our Season Begins

Hello to all Sydney FC Members and Fans

Hello to all Sydney FC Members and Fans,

This is instalment nine of my weekly update from the CEO-s Chair and WOW what a week! I couldn-t imagine that there is one person reading this right now that isn-t aware that Brett Emerton is coming home having signed a three (3) year deal to play for Sydney FC.

This is a landmark moment in our history and in Australian sport so I urge all of you to stop and take the time to reflect on what this means for the Club, what this means for the team and what it means for each of you. There have been certain moments throughout the process where I have stopped and thought I need to savour this because this is something that I will want to share with my children and their children. I truly believe that based on who Brett is, both as a man and an athlete; will leave an indelible imprint on this organisation for many, many years to come.

In the ‘announcement press conference- I spoke about the speed with which we were able to close the deal once Blackburn had so graciously given us permission to engage in contract negotiations with Brett and his lawyer Simon. This speed was due to having built a relationship with each of them which enabled trust to be established. I-ve prattled on before how I define trust of an individual in an organisation as being the combination of character and competence. Based on this, I don-t believe that there could be a better signing for us as we embark upon a mission where we want to be the most trusted brand in Australian sport.

The coaching staff and the rest of the squad are pumped and can-t wait to have Brett with them on the training track. One of the more difficult things during the process was to not tell the boys how things were travelling. Whilst difficult, it is really important for me and the Board that Sydney FC is viewed as an exceptionally professional organisation. We want to ensure that we can be trusted by other organisations to the extent that they wish to invest in us via sponsorships and other corporate products. We hope that all members and fans, not just other corporate entities, are pleased with how the Club is going about its business.

On that note I want to thank all of you who have sent emails and tweets, posted their thoughts on blogs, commented on media articles, and put down their hard earned to become a member in response to Brett Emerton coming to Sydney FC. The degree of positivity and optimism has been overwhelming and it sets the scene for what I hope is a very enjoyable ride into the start of the season.

I urge all of our fans and existing members who haven-t renewed to become a citizen of Football-s Capital today. An additional member benefit for those of you who join by Saturday September 24 will be to get in for free at our fan day at Win Jubilee Oval and watch Brett play his first game for the Club when we line up against Perth Glory in our final pre-season friendly.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

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