10 Years Of Teresa Polias: Part 2


Celebrating Captain Teresa Polias’ 10 years with the Sky Blues, we sat down with the club legend to reflect on her time in the Westfield W-League and discuss what’s kept her in Sky Blue since 2010.

Celebrating Captain Teresa Polias‘ 10 years with the Sky Blues, we sat down with the club legend to reflect on her time in the Westfield W-League and discuss what’s kept her in Sky Blue since 2010.


4 – How have you seen the club and W-League evolve over that time?

Something incredible about our club and team is how consistent we’ve been able to be since the W-League began. It’s no accident that we’ve made finals in each and every year of the W-League. Our club has high standards both on and off the pitch and those are what have enabled us to maintain our might year after year. We’ve had a rough sail at times during a season but we’ve managed to click, or find our form at the right time in order to succeed. 

The calibre of players our club has developed and attracted speaks for itself. I’ve been so fortunate to have played with many phenomenal players over the years. It’s made me the player I am today. 

Each and every year the club has provided our team with advancements in order for us to continue to succeed and have really put us in good stead to continue to be one of the dominating forces in the future.


5 – What’s been the main factor in you remaining with Sydney FC when so many players at other clubs are always on the move?

I adore the club. I am so grateful for the opportunities that playing for Sydney FC has afforded me. I always wanted to play for Sydney FC even before the W-League began. I’m not sure that I could play with the same passion in another jersey to be honest. The club put a lot of faith in me and I have wanted to repay that ever since. The day I stop being able to do that will be the day I retire.

6 – What is it about representing Sydney FC that you enjoy so much?

My Mum, Dad and siblings have supported me so much over the years and representing Sydney FC is just as much for them as it is for me. Knowing that your loved ones are in the crowd during a game is the greatest thing. Everything aside, my main concern is always making sure that I honour my loved ones and play for them. I have enjoyed doing that the most.

Representing Sydney FC literally has meant achieving my dreams. As a young girl I always dreamed of playing professional football except the only role models I saw were male players in European leagues. So when I used to kick a ball and score in imaginary games in the backyard I would celebrate and pretend I was one of those guys. The euphoria was short lived as I soon realised that they were male players and I couldn’t play in those leagues. That was deflating, but when I first saw the Matildas play I realised that the opportunity was still alive and that fuelled me for years to come. Once the W-League began that was the best thing that ever happened. A couple years later when I finally got to join Sydney FC that was the new best thing that ever happened.


7 – You’ve completed a decade at Sydney FC already, how many more years will you put in?

​If I could play football forever, I would. I’m sure most footballers would say that. I have always said I will play for as long as I can but I’ve been juggling full time work and football for so long and it’s not getting any easier. In saying that, I’ve worked out how to manage it over the years.

All I will say is that as long as I’m able to do the job I need to do on and off the field I’ll make myself available. What’s for sure though is that whether I’m playing or not, I’ll always be Sky Blue.


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