Member Update – COVID-19 Restart Information

Finally, football returns! Next Friday 17 July your Sky Blues return to the pitch to finish the Hyundai A-League 2019/20 Season with the aim of collecting the season’s silverware!

We wish to thank all of our Members for their understanding and patience the last 4 months. Your support has been incredible, and the club has been overwhelmed by generous messages and notions of support.

We are pleased to announce that Sydney FC will open our remaining home games for Members and Corporate Supporters exclusively, albeit at a reduced capacity to adhere to government guidelines.

Current guidelines are restricting us to a maximum of 25% of the stadium’s full capacity, which will mean the club needs to undertake an equitable and staggered process for Members to redeem access. Having worked through a range of scenarios, we believe we have landed on the most equitable process possible during this unprecedented circumstance.

For avoidance of doubt the final three home games are currently scheduled as follows:

  • Friday 17 July @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium vs Wellington Phoenix
  • Tuesday 21 July @ Netstrata Jubilee Stadium vs Newcastle Jets
  • Saturday 25 July @ Bankwest Stadium vs Western United (TBC)

Access & Seating Rules:

  • Existing Membership Cards will not provide game access to any Members. All Members will need to log onto Ticketek and reserve tickets on an individual game basis, and use ezytickets to enter the match.
  • Due to the reduction in capacity and the need to socially distance, Sydney FC will not be able to secure Members their own seats for any of the fixtures. Members however will be offered a seating choice in their designated membership category (Platinum Plus, Platinum, Silver, Bronze, Cove).   
  • Membership seating bays have been slightly altered to adhere to required capacity rules, which will limit Bronze access to hill areas only at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium.
  • Members will not be able to upgrade to higher seating category than their Membership but if your category allocation is exhausted you will be able to access a lower seating category.
  • Members will be able to book seats together with their family or known groups, providing all Members have access in the same priorities window (detailed below). If your group has different loyalty status, you must wait until all Members are available to redeem tickets. Your code does not expire at the end of the priority window.
  • Social distancing will be enforced in the stadium through customer service staff, and Members are expected to adhere to all guidelines from staff once in stadium.

Access Priorities:
The following process has been built using the following a two-step priority order:

Priority 1: Full Season Members (all seating categories)
Priority 2: Part Season Members (Flexi, Out of Sydney, Junior Blue Buddies)
Priority 3: No Game Members (Supporter, W-League)

Each priority group will be able to access the redemption process in order of your Membership consecutive length of Tenure (Loyalty Years).
Access Window 1: 7-15 Year Full Season Members
Access Window 2: 3-6 Year Full Season Members
Access Window 3: 1-3 Year Full Season Members, then Part Season Members, etc until capacity is exhausted.

As a working example, the access windows for game one (Friday 17 July) are as follows:

Monday 13 July – 3pm – 7-15 yr Full Season Members (Guaranteed seats available)
Tuesday 14 July – 3pm – 4-6 yr Full Season Members (First in basis)
Wednesday 15 July – 10am – 1-3 yr Full Season Members (First in basis if seats available)
Wednesday 16 July – 2pm – All Part Season Members (First in basis if seats available)

Based on calculations, for the first game at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium we expect that a minimum of all 4-15 year members will have access to redeem tickets under the reduced capacity. Members with less than 4 years of Membership will depend on available seating once windows 1 and 2 close.

For match two, first access will be given to those members who did not redeem a ticket to match one, again following the above priority order and access window process. Once all Members have had access, and if there is still tickets available Members who redeemed tickets to game one will be added back into the redemption process to redeem tickets as per game one.

The club is still working through access details for the final home game at Bankwest Stadium, but given the increased capacity we anticipate that all Members will have access to redeem tickets for the match. If capacity allows we will also open up sales to No Game Members.

As a result of the above methods, we anticipate that Members will have the ability to redeem access to attend at least 2 of our 3 remaining home games each, if not three if capacity permits.

The club will be confirming access passwords per tenure group via email with the ticket redemption link prior to the onsale period commencing.

We thankyou again for your understanding during this time and we can’t wait to see our unwavering Members in stadium again.