Sydney FC Foundation Dinner 2022

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – APRIL 28: Sydney FC Foundation Dinner at The Star on April 28, 2022 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Jaime Castaneda for Sydney FC)

Enriching the lives of our community, one pass at a time

The Sydney FC Foundation, our Directors and Sydney FC Foundation Dinner Committee 2022, would like to thank you everyone who supported and attended this year’s Sydney FC Foundation Dinner.

We were overwhelmed by the support of our Sydney FC Foundation Community Pillar and are pleased to note that our Powerchair Football Community Program has been fully funded and will be delivered from July this year. Thanks to the generosity of all our sponsors, donors and attendees, we also secured seed funding for our other Community Programs mentioned on the night.

We would like to give a special mention to our Platinum Event Sponsors, Prezzee and PointsBet. We look forward to working with them beyond the event as our attention now turns to planning and executing Sydney FC Foundation’s new Powerchair Football Community Program.

What is Powerchair Football?
Powerchair Football is a modified version of football (soccer) for wheelchair and powerchair users. The sport is played on a basketball court between two teams of 4, including the goalkeeper. Athletes use specially designed sports powerchairs fitted with metal footguards (the athletes’ boots, so to speak) which are used to ‘kick’ an oversized football. Athletes pass, dribble, spin and strike the ball as they attempt to score more goals than their opponents. More information can be found at the Australian Powerchair Football Association.

Why support Powerchair Football?
Powerchair Football is one of the fastest growing adaptive sports in the world and has been played in Australia for over 12 years and provides an opportunity for people with a disability to play a sport they love. However, the biggest barriers players and families face in taking part in Powerchair come down to upfront costs, few centralised locations to play and a lack of equipment available to those wishing to play. The funds we raise for our Community Program will look to remove these barriers to participation.

What will our Community Program look like?
Sydney FC Foundation will organise multiple Powerchair Football holiday clinics across the year that are hosted in central and regional locations, provide the necessary equipment for participants to play the sport for the first time, including powerchairs and specialised powerchair footballs and goals, and are coached by powerchair football coaches.

There are always further opportunities for additional businesses and individuals to support this program. If you are interested supporting Powerchair Football across Sydney, we would love to hear from you.