#SydneyFanChat Transcript With Zac Anderson


Before welcoming his former club to Allianz Stadium on Boxing Day, Zac Anderson hosted the live Twitter chat today. During the half hour we learnt what the secret is behind his hair, what he was doing at Galleries Victoria on Tuesday and who he wants to win the WWE Royal Rumble.

Lawrie McKinna: Hope you’re well big fella I am coming down with Jake on Saturday
Lawrie! Miss you champion, looking forward to catching up with you and Jake. Hope the family is well! 

Anthony Vescio: How awesome is Zac Anderson!
How awesome are you!

Sarah: What is your biggest/weirdest fears?
I’m not the biggest fan of heights or decaf coffee!

@rossco1304: Zac, what are the differences you’re finding between Sydney FC and CCM? 
The blueprint between both is similar as Arnie was at both however SFC’s professionalism & ambition is huge! 

Nathan: Hi zac would you ever play for AC Milan?
To be honest I prefer the Blue and Black! Red and Black is Wanderers so it’s a no no 😉

Brent Griffiths: Hi Zac, how do you get your hair so perfect every time? Wax,gel or other?? 
It was a special concoction, it’s a secret! Maybe one day i’ll let you know… 


David Lewis: What did you buy in Galleries Victoria this morning? 
I was doing some Christmas shopping with my mum and dad and spending a little money at Incu 🙂

Anthony Vescio: As a fellow male with model type looks myself, what tips do you have to cope with all the admirers? 
First step is to never admit you have admirers, second step always be grateful if there actually is! 

Dale Warburton: Would you rather fight an Eddy Bosnar sized chicken, or 100 chicken sized Eddy Bosnar 
I think I’d take the one Eddy sized chicken, he’s a similar build to me so it’d be a fair contest! 

Anthony Vescio: If you collected all 7 dragon balls, what would you wish for? 
Great question! I’d wish to have the ability to fly, it’d be a lot easier to get around Sydney! 

mariah: Can I date you pls? 
See you at @AllianzStadium on Boxing Day!


Anthony Vescio: Who is your pic to win next months WWE Royal Rumble??? 
If @TheRock comes back for a guest appearance then him all the way!! If not, the ppls champ @JohnCena

David Lewis: Hi Zac, first team action? What’s Arnie telling you? 
He’s keeping everyone on their toes, competition for places is strong. Hope to wear the jersey soon!! 

YUMNA: Hi Zac,I want to know what is your favourite movie..?? 
My favourite movie is a close competition between Remember The Titans and Gladiator. 

Football Expert: Do you think Sydney can win Asian Champions league?
Of course! I think WSW showed how far football in Australia has come. We have big ambitions to win it! 

sam marrone: Have you seen the new Star Wars and would you join the dark side?
I’m not a Star Wars fan, never see any of the movies or shows! Don’t be hating!!

Anthony Vescio: Hi Zac. Which starter Pokemon did you choose?
I chose Charmander – Charizard was my favourite!