Our Return To The Sydney Football Stadium

We will be back at Moore Park for the start of the 2022/23 season. 

The state-of-the-art stadium promises to be the best place to watch football in Australia. 

Every seat has a view that takes you closer to the action. The roof is designed to keep in the noise and keep out the rain. 

There is safe standing for the Cove. 

We are now starting a four-stage renewal process so existing Members can secure the best seats. 

Stage 1 – Nominate Your Seating Group and Group Leader. 

All renewing Members need to have nominated the group of current Members you would like to sit with by 5pm on Friday.

Your group can be made up of as many people as you like, or only one or two people. 

You’ll need to pick a Group Leader, who will be our point of contact throughout the process. They will be responsible for nominating the seating category and selecting your seats in the new stadium.

Complete your Group Nomination details here.

Stage 2 – Preference Nominations 

In early 2022, we will release seating maps and pricing for the new stadium for all Members to view. 

At this stage, we will be asking your Group Leader to submit your group’s preferred category of seating, as well as any new Members who will join the group.

Stage 3 – Selection of Seats 

Starting in February 2022, Group Leaders will be given access to a timed window to self-select your group’s seats using our interactive seating map. 

The selection order will be determined by the average Membership tenure, category and package of everyone in your group. 
Once selection is complete, the Group Leader will need to pay a deposit amount of $50 per seat to lock in your group. 

Stage 4 – Completing your Renewal 

Membership renewal notices will arrive in April 2022 confirming your new seats.  

The balance payment for your Membership will rollover during our Auto-Renewal process on 28 May 2022. As in previous seasons, you will have the option of paying the full fee or monthly payments.  

Once all of our existing Members are locked into their preferred spots, we will offer a priority window for former Sydney FC Members to choose their seats, before we open up to new Members. 

Sydney FC’s helpful staff will be there to guide you at every step, as we prepare to create new memories together in Moore Park. 

For now, you don’t need to take any action. We will be in touch over the coming weeks when we commence Stage 1.

It’s going to be a fantastic occasion when we open the doors again at the Sydney Football Stadium. We look forward to seeing you there in Sky Blue.

We Are Sydney FC.